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    Let’s Talk About the Decision to Bug In or Bug Out

    This is a big area of controversy among preppers and survivalists, more with preppers I suppose. Everyone wants to talk about bugging...

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    Is All this for Nothing if SHTF Never Happens?

    I’ve heard so many times from non-preppers “nothing is ever going to happen” or “all you need is enough for a few...

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    Explore These DIY Bunkers For Bugging Out

    When it hits the fan, it hits the fan. And the last thing you want is to be caught where the action...

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    Don’t Leave These 15 Uncommon Items Out of Your Bug Out Bag

    I’d like to think that everyone regularly reading this site has a stocked bug out bag. I’m sure you do. And you...

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    Use These Excellent Tips To Secure Your Bug Out Retreat

    The idea behind having a bug out retreat is grounded in basic safety. It makes sense to get away to somewhere where...

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    Survive An Urban Attack And Escape To Safety

    Bright lights, big city. There is something exciting about an urban setting. I’ve lived in a few large cities through the years...

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    Secure The Perimeter Before It’s Too Late

    Border security was one of the key issues that elected Donald Trump. “Build the wall!” Border security is essential for maintaining some...

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    Essential Driving Tips For Everyday Conditions

    By circumstance and by choice I spend a lot of time on the roads of America – primarily in the East and...

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    Ten Last Second Preps You Must Remember When The Time Comes

    The day may come when you have to bug out and fast. You’re reading this because you’re one of the few who...

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    Evacuation Mistakes You Must Avoid

    Bugging out is an important strategy for surviving a major event. However, it is very important to do it the right way....

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    (Video) Urban Survival Concepts Every Prepper Should Learn Before the Grid Goes Down

    Today more Americans than ever live in large cities. This presents everyday problems like traffic, crime, and pollution. However, in an emergency,...

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    Keep These Things Handy in Case of Evacuation

    Every prepper understands the importance of the bug out bag and supplies in the car. In the event things go south, a...

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    Convoy Tips for Your Next Travel Adventure

    Bugging out is hard enough if you’re driving one car through heavy traffic. And it is very hard if the surrounding circumstances...

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    Save Space in Your Bug Out Bag by Packing these 10 Multipurpose Items

    The Bug Out Bag is an essential item for every prepper. Also essential, and critical, are the items one places inside the...

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    10 Food Ideas for Your Bug Out Bag – Prepper Dome

        G.O.R.P – 130 Calories per ounce G.O.R.P – If you don’t know stands for Good old raisins and Peanuts and...

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    Avoid these 4 Mistakes When Picking Your Bug Out Location, Number 2 is the Most Popular with People

    When it comes to bugging out, one very important decision that you must make is where you will be heading. It’s one...

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    How Many of These 15 Key Chain Tools for Preppers Do You Carry?

    EDC is something we all think about every day. We always want to ensure we are carrying enough and the right tools...

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