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    17 Items to Avoid Putting in Your Bug Out Bag

    Bug Out Bag Items to Avoid 1. Sleeping Bags Instead of heavy sleeping bags, just take a couple of emergency bivvies. Of...

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    If Your BOV is a Truck then You’ll Definitely Want to Add this to it

    Having a bug out vehicle can be vital to your survival if you find it necessary to get the hell out of...

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    The Ultimate Bug Out Bag List | Survival Life

    The truth is, there are always items you can add to your bug out bag, but making it too heavy can be...

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    Did You Know You Can Make Aspirin from Willow Bark? Here’s How

    Pain medication is a must in your bug out bag, your bug out location, and in your home if you’re planning on...

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    Avoid Wearing This After the SHTF

    There’s not arguing that being tactical can be great for survival, but you need to the know the difference in tactical and...

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    How Two People Can Build a $10,000 Bug Out Cabin in Two Days

    Having a bug out location is something most of us strive for. Most survival situations will have us bugging in where we...

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    DIY Flash Survival Grenade for Less than $2

    Having flash grenades can be very useful in survival situations. You may need to distract someone that might be attempting to break...

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    How to Make a Fishing Lure with Paracord

    Paracord, a prepper’s best friend, well one of many right? If fishing is one of your skill sets, or you plan on...

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    Top 4 Affordable Vehicles that Make the Best Bug Out Vehicles

    Have you got your bug out vehicle ready? Most of us have yet to buy an actual vehicle we call a bug...

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    5 Cool Tips and Tricks to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

    If you’re an avid camper like I am, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to make camping easier. Sure, we like to...

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    5 Steps to Filling Your Canteen from a Tree

    Water is an area of preparedness that needs to be at the top of your priority list. If you don’t have water...

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    How to Properly Setup Your Tarp to Be used Next to a Long Fire

    If you find yourself in a situation where you will be making camp overnight and sleeping on the ground, you will may...

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    Should You Stock Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries for When the Grid Goes Down?

    Grid down events are discussed pretty heavily in the prepardness community, some would argue that with the threat of an EMP attack,...

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    Protecting Your Feet Needs to Be a High Priority, Here’s How to Choose the Right Shoes

    How many stories have you heard about people hiking, stranded or in severe survival situations having poor footwear and in some cases...

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    Have You Considered OPSEC After SHTF?

    OPSEC is a term that is used a lot by preppers and survivalists. Some swear by it while others completely blow it...

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    Here’s How to Put Together a DIY Basic Bushcraft Kit

    Bushcrafting is a skill set that, if you plan on bugging out to a rural area, you must learn. To be completed...

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    3 Types of Food that Need to Be in Your Bug Out Bag

    When’s the last time you checked the food in your bug out bag? Does it cover all your essential needs? You may...

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