Bug Out

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    Here are 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    When the SHTF, whether its a natural disaster like a major earthquake or a terrorist attack like an EMP, chances are you’re...

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    15 Tarp Shelter Designs to Protect You from the Elements

    We all know the dangers of bugging out. Whether you’ll be hitting the city streets or heading to the woods, the bottom line...

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    When the SHTF People Will Have Several Different Reactions, Here’s What to Expect

    Anytime people are confronted with a new situation there are all types of emotions and reactions that go through their mind. Most...

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    Check Out These 10 Cool Survival Tips, How Many Do You Know?

    How many times a day do you run across another interesting and useful survival tip or survival hack? If you spend much...

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    How Many of These 82 Edible Flowers Would You Consider Eating?

    Foraging is a skill that has be learnt. It can be taught, and is a much have skill especially if you live...

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    Do You Carry Imodium? Here’s Why It Should Be Part of Your EDC and BOB

    Look, I get it. There are certain areas of preparedness that you just can’t overlook. Your gun, EDC, a good knife, food,...

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    If You’re Building a Survival Shelter Here are the Things You Need To Be Doing and Avoiding

    How much practice do you have building a survival shelter? This is a skill that if you ever have to use it,...

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    9 Maps that Will Help You Decide Where the Best Place to Live is in the United States

    Have you ever thought “I wish I could just pack up and move to…”? I know I have, there are a few...

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    Here’s How to be the Gray Man and Blend in During a Disaster

    As you already know, there’s a huge difference in tactical and tacticool. Both have their place, but the later rather needs to...

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    This House is Bulletproof, Fireproof, and costs 1/4 of a Standard Home to Build

    When you think of building a bug out cabin, or maybe even fortifying your own home, there are several things to take...

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    This is the Best Way to Suture a Wound on a Person

    There may come a time in a survival situation that you or someone in your group, or even a stranger that you...

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    This is the Best Way to Build a Stealth Fire Pit to Conceal Your Location

    Staying warm at night in the woods usually means building a fire. In most cases this isn’t a big deal. But what...

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    If You Do Any Campfire Cooking, then You Need to See this DIY Cook Set

    If you are like most preppers you enjoy the great outdoors. There’s no better way to be prepared for bugging out then...

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    How To Sleep Better At Night When The “Zombies” Are On The Move.

    When building your bug out bag one thing that is often over looked is perimeter security. You can have enough food, water...

  • How to Make a Bug Out Bag for Extended Stays

    People are taking bugging out more serious these days, and the more we look into things the longer our bug out trips...

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    You Need to Have a Bug In Plan as a Back Up Option

    Everyone likes to focus on bugging out, bug out bags, bug out vehicles and bug out locations. But chances are bugging in...

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    Here is What You Need to Know to Survive Rioting and Civil Unrest in Your Area

    We’ve seen more than our fair share of civil unrest in this country. But it’s fairly safe to say we haven’t seen...

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