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    If You Plan on Bugging Out for a Long Period of Time then You Need to See This Tent

    Bugging out or camping for long periods of time can start taking a toll on you especially when you’re confined to a...

  • EDC water EDC water

    How to Include Water in Your EDC

    There are a variety of ways to include water in your Everyday Carry. Since water is actually fairly heavy—and there’s no way...

  • mini EDC survival kit mini EDC survival kit

    How to Build a Mini EDC Survival Kit

    There are no set rules when it comes to everyday carry. Some people elect to create an actual kit that they may...

  • Everyday carry mistakes Everyday carry mistakes

    5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your EDC.

    The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Building Your EDC Throughout our EDC series we’ve talked about the important considerations you need to...

  • Everyday carry medical Everyday carry medical

    Should You Add Medical Care to Your Everyday Carry?

    Not everyone is accident-prone, but it’s never a bad idea to address medical care in your EDC. It can be as simple...

  • edc tools edc tools

    6 Helpful Tips for Choosing Tools for Your EDC

    What Tools Are Important to Include in Your EDC? This is a question only you can really answer. You want to choose...

  • EDC bag EDC bag

    Should You Carry a Bag as Your EDC?

    Most preppers don’t carry a bag for their EDC. Part of the challenge is to see what items you can carry in...

  • what is edc what is edc

    What is EDC and Why Do I Need it?

    What is Everyday Carry? “Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets,...

  • budget bug out bag budget bug out bag

    Can You Build a Bug Out Bag for Less than $200?

    When I set out to build my first bug out bag, I never really added everything up to see how much it...

  • before bugging out before bugging out

    3 Things That Might Save Your Life Before Bugging Out

    When it comes to discussing survival, preparedness or any SHTF scenario, the first thing everyone jumps to is bugging out. However, if...

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    Strategic Relocation: Survival Retreat Strategies For When Something Big Goes Down

      The following guide has been provided by survival and preparedness expert Joel Skousen. It has been contributed for by the Strategic...

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    Bugging in Place and Making Your Stand | Survival skills, survival guns, survival guide

      One look at the state of world events should convince anyone that we are precariously close to an imminent crisis of...

  • survival kit survival kit

    What Should Be in Your Urban or Rural Survival Kit?

    Have you covered all your bases? There is a ton of information out there on what you should have in your survival...

  • Shelter-in-Place Shelter-in-Place

    Shelter in Place During a Pandemic to Stay Safe

    Should you stay or should you go? A twist on a popular song from the 90’s, however a good question to ask...

  • missing from bug out bag missing from bug out bag

    I Bet this One Item is Missing from Your Bug Out Bag and Why it May Save Your Family during Survival.

    What comes to mind when you start thinking about building your bug out bag? I bet its survival items like survival food,...

  • Beginner But Out Bag Beginner But Out Bag

    Don’t Try Building Your First Bug Out Bag Without Watching this Video First

    If you are a beginner prepper, or even if you’ve been doing it at while, then you’re probably ready to #build your...

  • bug out bag mistakes bug out bag mistakes

    10 Bug Out Bag Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Complete Prepping Rookie  

    Imagine for a second that the SHTF and it’s time to bug out. You grab your bug out bag and away you...

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