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    If an EMP Strike Happens Here are 7 Actions to Take Immediately

    At a community level because we haven’t experienced one yet and we don’t really know how bad it can get. Frank Gaffney –...

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    Should You Stock Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries for When the Grid Goes Down?

    Grid down events are discussed pretty heavily in the prepardness community, some would argue that with the threat of an EMP attack,...

  • EMP car bag EMP car bag

    DIY Emergency Car Bag

    Many people think that an EMP attack is somewhat of a fairytale, however the more you read in the news the closer...

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    What Preppers Should Know About an EMP

    An EMP is one of those catastrophic events that many preppers are preparing for. Some think it may come from the government...

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    How Would the United States Survive a Massive EMP Blast?

    With the release of National Geographic’s TV movie American Blackout there have been a lot of talks going around about the instability...

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