Grid Down

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    Surviving Without Internet Access

    When did you first get access to the internet? I think it was 1995 for me. Do you remember life without it?...

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    Save Those Old Snow Shovels and Turn Them into a Wind Turbine

    One learns something new every day. Living in the blast furnace South I have little experience with snow shovels. Actually we have...

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    Have You Considered How You’re Going to Keep Your Laundry Clean When the Grid Goes Down?

    First, does anyone like doing laundry anyway, power on or off? It’s not my favorite although I find it more pleasant than...

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    Power Grid Down: It’s No Longer a Myth it can and Likely Will Happen – Preparing for shtf

      According to reports not only can China cause the lights to go out, at least two other unnamed countries can as...

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    Alernative Light Sources when the Power is Out

    What happens when the power goes out and you are left in the dark? Hopefully you have a tactical flashlight close by...

  • solar generator charging station solar generator charging station

    Here’s How to Build a Solar Generator Charging Station

    So you find yourself in a grid down event and you need to charge a battery operated device. I mean if you...

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