Disaster Planning

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    Expect These 7 Things Post-SHTF

    Preppers prepare by definition. And there are 1,001 things to guard against. However, some frequently overlook the things sure to happen after...

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    Ten Preps You Need Now For This Winter

    Winter is coming. The calendar tells you that. Yet your dedicated friends at Freedom Prepper suggest this winter may be heavy that...

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    Strong Video Defense For Carrying A Weapon

    Most watched the recent Charlotte riots on television or the internet. It was a series of examples of what not to do...

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    Here’s How Much Snow You Can Expect This Winter And When It Will Start

    At last fall is in the air. And that means winter is just around the corner. Those of us living in the...

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    Makeshift Bunkers in Case of Nuclear War

    When I was growing up the Cold War gave us the threat of nuclear annihilation. The collapse of the Soviet Union seemed...

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    Surviving Without Internet Access

    When did you first get access to the internet? I think it was 1995 for me. Do you remember life without it?...

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    Convert a Panic Room into a Bunker

    Hollywood has oftentimes featured a panic room in their questionable quality films. They even had a movie named after the concept. They’ve...

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    You Need to Know These Dangers of Being in a Crowd

    Crowds can be very dangerous for a variety of reasons. Pickpockets thrive on masses of people. It’s easier to get lost in...

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    How Safe are You and Your Family from Tornados?

    A tornado, also known as a twister or a cyclone, is one of the most destructive forces of nature on Earth. Some...

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    This Green Beret Warns Disaster and War May be Imminent

    In One Second After, William Forstchen painted a frightening picture of life after the apocalypse. He depicted brutal survival after an Electromagnetic...

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    Follow This Guide To Survive Civil Unrest – At Home, On The Road, Anywhere

    If one watches the news to any degree these days, one might get the idea that America is a seething cauldron of...

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    Save Those Old Snow Shovels and Turn Them into a Wind Turbine

    One learns something new every day. Living in the blast furnace South I have little experience with snow shovels. Actually we have...

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    If You Find Yourself in Your Car and Surrounded By Protesters, Here’s What You Need to Do

    As society continues to break down street protests are growing. They are more common and they are becoming more dangerous. Motorists in...

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    Is this 100 Year Old Prophesy Pointing to Our Future Collapse?

    It’s safe to say a collapse is coming. Something unpleasant is always lurking out there: the Great Depression, World War II, Y2K,...

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    Have You Considered How You’re Going to Keep Your Laundry Clean When the Grid Goes Down?

    First, does anyone like doing laundry anyway, power on or off? It’s not my favorite although I find it more pleasant than...

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    Use this Emergency Evacuation Checklist to Ensure You’re able to Leave in Less than 10 Minutes

    “Bugging out” or “getting out of Dodge” is one of the primary reason so many Americans have become preppers. Whether it’s a...

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    Do You Know What to do if You or Someone Close to You Get’s Shot?

    With all the chaos going on around our country, police officers being targeted, riots, violent protests, and so much more happening the...

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