Disaster Planning

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    The Summer of Chaos Has Begun! Get Ready for Major Civil Unrest

    The summer of chaos has been discussed in many circles for several months now. Recently the leaked transcript of a conversion confirms...

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    This Secret Government Warehouse Full of Pandemic Supplies “Can’t Be Discussed Publicity”

    It comes as no surprise that the government might actually be preparing for a pandemic outbreak, yet doesn’t suggest such actions to...

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    How Well Do You Know the Categories, Watches and Warning System for Tornados?

    With Spring kind of here, aside from the cold front that just swept across the country bringing snow to the midwest the...

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    11 Surprising Ways to Store Water that Will Give You Enough to Last More than a Few Days

    Water is the item that is usually number 1 on many preppers list. We can’t go more than a few days without...

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    If an EMP Strike Happens Here are 7 Actions to Take Immediately

    At a community level because we haven’t experienced one yet and we don’t really know how bad it can get. Frank Gaffney –...

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    Should You Stock Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries for When the Grid Goes Down?

    Grid down events are discussed pretty heavily in the prepardness community, some would argue that with the threat of an EMP attack,...

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    If You Have a Wood Burning Stove You Need to Know these 5 Burn Alternatives when There’s No Firewood

    Wood burning stoves are great for keeping your home warm, cooking on them and can be cost effective if done correctly. Even...

  • EMP car bag EMP car bag

    DIY Emergency Car Bag

    Many people think that an EMP attack is somewhat of a fairytale, however the more you read in the news the closer...

  • escape a riot escape a riot

    10 Tips To Help You Escape A Riot

    With people being offended all over our country from the confederate flag to gay marriage people are taking being offended to a...

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    Are You Prepared for Riots in Your Area? [Video]

    The heat seems to be turned up all over the country. We have the conflicts over the confederate flag, gay marriage and...

  • prepping for riots prepping for riots

    Preparing for a Riot

    It’s no secret: in the last year or so tensions have been extremely high in the United States. More and more news...

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    7 Very Real Threats Most People Aren’t Ready For

      When it comes to preparedness, the list of threats is almost endless. From natural disasters and man-made threats, to disease outbreaks...

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    Collapse Survivor: “Try To Imagine Yourself In The Worst Moments of Your Life”

      Selco survived One Year In Hell when his city was besieged during the Balkan War and by all accounts it was...

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    What Do I Need in My Winter Emergency Car Kit?

    We’ve already seen some major record breaking snow fall this year, and it isn’t even winter yet. What does that mean for...

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    Power Grid Down: It’s No Longer a Myth it can and Likely Will Happen – Preparing for shtf

      According to reports not only can China cause the lights to go out, at least two other unnamed countries can as...

  • DIY Heater DIY Heater

    Awesome Air Heater – The “Stack Boot” Air Heater – Easy DIY (350F+) Mini Off-Grid Furnace!

    Awesome DIY Air Heater!. The “Stack Boot” Air Heater. very easy to build. This Room/Air Heater produces temps equal to (or greater...

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    Strategic Relocation: Survival Retreat Strategies For When Something Big Goes Down

      The following guide has been provided by survival and preparedness expert Joel Skousen. It has been contributed for by the Strategic...

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