Disaster Planning

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    Winter Storm Weather Checklists

    This emergency preparedness Winter storm weather checklist helps you gather the right supplies so this can become an a manageable event and...

  • Shelter-in-Place Shelter-in-Place

    Shelter in Place During a Pandemic to Stay Safe

    Should you stay or should you go? A twist on a popular song from the 90’s, however a good question to ask...

  • prepared for a tornado prepared for a tornado

    Don’t Go Unprepared for a Tornado, Here’s How to be Ready for One

    Tornado season is in full swing for tornado alley here in the United States. Recently there were over 30 tornadoes in just...

  • protect family from disaster protect family from disaster

    Looking after Your Family in a Disaster

    A disaster scenario is not the easiest idea to cope with in the beginning, people generally are avoiding this subject as being...

  • prepare for disaster prepare for disaster

    How to prepare for a disaster. Are You Ready for the Next Emergency?

    We all know that old saying “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst“, yet some of us (and I am...

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    Be Ready for an Emergency. 10 Things People Forget to do Until It’s Too Late.

    Being ready for an emergency is something we are all working towards. You never know when and where disaster will strike, so...

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    Alernative Light Sources when the Power is Out

    What happens when the power goes out and you are left in the dark? Hopefully you have a tactical flashlight close by...

  • prepare for h7n9 prepare for h7n9

    The CDC is Preparing for a Plane Carrying the Next Pandemic…Are You?

    The flu has taken on many forms over the year. One of the most common and talked about is the H1N1 flu...

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    Got Your Car Kit? You Might Need It.

    On January 23rd there was a terrible car pile up on I-94 in Indiana.  There were many injuries and 3 killed. To...

  • prepping tips prepping tips

    5 Unconventional Tips for Prepping

    You can ask 10 expert preppers to put together a strategy for prepping and chances are all ten will be fairly different....

  • dangerous pathogens dangerous pathogens

    Is the United States Prepared for a Biological Attack? [Infographic]

    The concern of a biological attack has been ongoing for quite some time. According to our government the United States has been...

  • EMP Blast featured EMP Blast featured

    What Preppers Should Know About an EMP

    An EMP is one of those catastrophic events that many preppers are preparing for. Some think it may come from the government...

  • emergency heat sources emergency heat sources

    Need Emergency Heat? Try These 3 Sources when the Power’s Out

    If you’re reading this then it means you are probably nice and toasty in your home. You may be using an electric...

  • preparing for economic collapse preparing for economic collapse

    Use These 5 Tips to Get Ready for an Economic Collapse

    Many economic experts say that the value of the U.S. dollar is going to fall through the floor some time in 2014,...

  • winter vehicle emergency kit winter vehicle emergency kit

    These 15 Items Should Be in Your Vehicle to Be Ready for a Winter Storm

    Mid-west and the east coast of the United States is preparing for an arctic blast that is being said to have the...

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    Basic Level of Protection from Fukushima’s Radiation

    When’s the last time you went an entire day without hearing about the radiation level in the United States caused by Japan’s...

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    Protecting Your Home from an Earthquake

    Living in Ohio I haven’t worried too much about earthquakes too much in the past. I know that our west coast lies...

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