Disaster Planning

  • cold weather lean to cold weather lean to

    How to Build a Double Lean to Cold Weather Shelter [Video]

    Staying cold while surviving is vital to living. Winter is among us and the cold weather is here in full force. Meteorologists...

  • prepping home for natural disaster prepping home for natural disaster

    Use these 6 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Natural Disaster

    Will you be bugging out or bugging in when the time comes? There are only a handful of situations that will require...

  • winter survival kit winter survival kit

    Don’t Over Look These 5 Items for Winter Survival

    It’s not technically winter yet, but for a lot of us here in the United States we have already had a lot...

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    Are We Prepping for a January Collapse?

    I’ve said this a few times on this site already, I’m not a tinfoil hat kind of person. But when the starts...

  • 2.4K

    Is America on the Verge of Riot or Are they Immune?

    Being a prepper I am always reading the news. I’ll admit some of it is tinfoil hat stuff, a lot of it...

  • 2.4K

    Carjacking and Denial – Tactical Scenario Training

    “I get halfway into this parking place and out of nowhere comes this young fellow with no shirt on, and he’s banging...

  • emergency checklist emergency checklist

    3 Tips for Creating a Disaster Plan

    Preparing for disaster is a never ending task. You can never be too prepared. When it comes to natural disasters you have...

  • personal economic collapse personal economic collapse

    6 Steps to Surviving a Personal Economic Collapse

    The nationwide economic collapse isn’t here, but it is looming over America’s head. Experts are saying that a major economic collapse is...

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    8 Lessons Learned from the Great Depression to Use Today

    The great depression in the 1920s to 1930s saw extremely high unemployment rates, a huge amount of debt and the collapsing of...

  • 2.7K

    Start Preparing for a Winter Storm

    These could be the last decent days of weather, at least here in central Ohio, old man winter is going to rear...

  • civil unrest in America civil unrest in America

    How Prepared is America for Civil Unrest?

    With $17 trillion dollars in debt, $238 trillion of unfunded mandates to to programs such as social security, medicare, etc., can it...

  • survive a nuclear blast survive a nuclear blast

    Can You Survive a Nuclear Blast?

    So imagine for a minute, you just get home from work, as you are getting settled in you hear an explosion. Looking...

  • solar generator charging station solar generator charging station

    Here’s How to Build a Solar Generator Charging Station

    So you find yourself in a grid down event and you need to charge a battery operated device. I mean if you...

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    Use C.O.L.D. to Stay Warm this Winter

    We’ve been talking a lot lately about staying warm during cold weather. Even though we’ve yet to see cold this year, we...

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    How Would the United States Survive a Massive EMP Blast?

    With the release of National Geographic’s TV movie American Blackout there have been a lot of talks going around about the instability...

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