Winter Storm

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    You Can Survive a Winter Storm with These General Survival Tips

    As our January-long series on winter preparedness winds down, I found a great multi-purpose article by Robert Richardson. He posted at Off...

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    DO NOT Make These 10 Winter Survival Mistakes

    When a severe winter storm is on the way, there are plenty of things you need to do. Then again, there are...

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    Use These Five Tips to Avoid Disaster Driving on Ice

    With winter comes the dire threat of driving on ice. Snow is one thing, but ice is another. Even a four-wheel drive...

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    Here is How the Pros Prepare for Winter’s Worst – Are You Prepared?

    Snow-kay. As part of our continuing series on winter preparedness I wanted to show you how the professionals get ready for big...

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    Here’s What You Need to Know to Prepare for and Survive an Ice Storm

    Over the years I have been through numerous types of weather woes – from tornadoes to blizzards. I think ice storms rank...

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    This is Your DIY Guide to Emergency Winter Heat

    Again, it is winter. And that means cold. Cold means discomfort. Let the heat or power go out and things easily go...

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    Here are 15 Great Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

    Health is important any time of year. But in the winter, with the added stress of the cold and ice, it is...

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    Use These Tips to Clear Snow Easily and Safely this Winter

    Many people do not know, but winter can actually bring snow to all 50 states. Of course, those up north tend to...

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    This is the Ultimate “Solution” for Melting Windshield Ice! Takes 5 Seconds!

    So the other day I posted an easy way to clear snow and ice off your windshield. It’s a simple method that...

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    Here’s The “A to Z” Of Winter Prepping

    As part of our month-long series on winter preparedness, here’s an alphabetical guide to fending off the ice and chills. It might...

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    Here Is What You Need To Know To Prep Your Car For Winter

    The Weather Channel is already devoting nightly coverage to Winter Storms “A”, “B”, “C”, etc. I don’t remember so much attention to...

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    Shutting Down a Home for the Winter

    To avoid returning to a damaged dwelling, broken pipes and ruined belongings, there are some important steps to take – both in...

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    Ten Preps You Need Now For This Winter

    Winter is coming. The calendar tells you that. Yet your dedicated friends at Freedom Prepper suggest this winter may be heavy that...

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    Here’s How Much Snow You Can Expect This Winter And When It Will Start

    At last fall is in the air. And that means winter is just around the corner. Those of us living in the...

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    If You Have a Wood Burning Stove You Need to Know these 5 Burn Alternatives when There’s No Firewood

    Wood burning stoves are great for keeping your home warm, cooking on them and can be cost effective if done correctly. Even...

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    What Do I Need in My Winter Emergency Car Kit?

    We’ve already seen some major record breaking snow fall this year, and it isn’t even winter yet. What does that mean for...

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    Awesome Air Heater – The “Stack Boot” Air Heater – Easy DIY (350F+) Mini Off-Grid Furnace!

    Awesome DIY Air Heater!. The “Stack Boot” Air Heater. very easy to build. This Room/Air Heater produces temps equal to (or greater...

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