Food Preparation & Storage

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    It’s Not Delivery, It’s Bushcraft Pizza

    “Survival” food usually conjures up images of MREs, canned goods, and bags of dried beans. The staples and replacements are very important...

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    Always Use Heirloom Seeds For Your Survival Stock

    Gardening is a great hobby. For preppers it takes on special meaning, being a means to provide food for the family. One...

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    Cooking with a Hearth

    We are wrapping up Winter Survival in our VIP group, so I thought a winter survival tip would be appropriate for you...

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    Refrigerate Eggs? Most Of The World Does Not; Here’s Why You Should

    Almost everyone loves a good egg. Fried, boiled, or scrambled, they are just delicious. And, packed with protein, they’re good for you...

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    Are These Survival Meal Replacements Right For You and Your Family?

    Food is critical for life and survival. There’s nothing like a good, fresh, home-cooked meal. Yet, sometimes one just can’t find the...

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    How To Build And Use A Root Cellar

    The old root cellar is a fantastic way to store food in a controlled environment. Freedom Prepper has covered this before: Building...

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    Learn These Five SHTF Cooking Methods

    Cooking has changed in our modern times. And, for most of us and most of the time, it’s been a change for...

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    Make Your Own Soda Can Stove For Emergency Cooking

    After it hits the fan you still have to eat. Getting and keeping food is one thing. Then there’s cooking it. The...

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    Canned Foods that Last Longest

    Military MREs and freeze dried foods are available for preppers. Some of these will keep for several decades under the right conditions....

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    This Is What Two Weeks Of Survival Food Storage Looks Like

    Food and water supplies are critical for any survival situation. This is especially true when living off the grid or in an...

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    Follow These 10 Steps to Build a Great Root Cellar

    A root cellar is a marvel of simplicity and a staple of many a farmhouse. They have been in use for ages...

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    The Government is Cracking Down on Raw Milk

    You know what really amazes me? The priorities of our government. Here we are staring down the barrel of terrorist every single...

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    These Scenes from the Venezuela Apocalypse After Loot Supermarket Looking for Food Will Have You Double Checking Your Pantry

    It’s no secret, Venezuela has been in a dead fall for quite a while now. Just a few weeks ago they ran...

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    Follow These Steps to Make Your Own DIY Food Dehydrator


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    50 Ways to Eat from Your Pantry When You Have No Money for Groceries

    When things go wrong and we have more month than money, it can be difficult to keep the family fed, the bills...

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    5 Proven Ways Our Ancestors Preserved Meat Without Refrigerators

    Stockpiling food and other supplies is central to being prepared for an emergency, but there are some foods – such as meat...

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