Food Preparation & Storage

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    Survival Food Pyramid – How Well Do You Know it and What Level are You On?

    Regardless of whether you are new to prepping or an experience prepper when it comes to researching survival food the amount of...


    A Simple Way to Make Your Own MREs That Work Great with any Bug Out Bag.

    When it comes to survival food, whether you are looking to buy some MREs or maybe some survival food from big companies...

  • Food Storage Rules Food Storage Rules

    Food Storage Rules

    Every kind of food has its own peculiarities and keeping it fresh depends on how you preserve it. Food storage has always...

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    Your Backyard Can Not Be Fully Functional and Self Sustainable Without These Items.

    Many of us preppers have the desire to grow our own food. This may just be fruits and vegetables or some of...

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    Here are 6 Ways to Grow Survival Food Even if You Don’t Have the Room.

    A lot of preppers find themselves living in an area where they feel they don’t have enough space for their preps. This...

  • nonperishable survival foods nonperishable survival foods

    7 Types of Survival Food that Will Last Longer than You

    How often do you rotate out your food preps? If you aren’t carefully watching the expiration dates on certain foods you could...

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    You Are Storing Your Eggs All Wrong. Here’s Why…

    When it comes to storing food you need to be sure whatever method you are using allows your food to last as...

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    11 Ways To Keep Your Food Safe when the Power is Out. Number 3 May Surprise You.

    Is your refrigerator full of food? What about your freezer? Do you have a chest or upright freezer? Do you know how...

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    What You Need to Know about Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, MRE, Canned Food and More

    If you’ve been a prepper for very long you will start to build quite the stockpile of food. This food can be...

  • food storage mistakes food storage mistakes

    7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With Food Storage

    How much food do you have stored? Are you really ready for a SHTF situation when it comes to your food preps?...

  • open a can without a can opener open a can without a can opener

    How to Open a Can without a Can Opener [5 Methods]

    There is a good chance that canned food is a big part of your food preps. How many manual can openers do...

  • afforable nutritious breakfast featured afforable nutritious breakfast featured

    How Cheap Can You Get Your Breakfast?

    If you’ve been a prepper for even a little while you know the importance of pinching pennies, and prioritizing your money when...

  • treat food poisoning at home treat food poisoning at home

    5 Ways to Treat Food Poisoning at Home

    Consuming spoiled food can be an issue during a survival situation. You may have plenty of food ready to bug out or...

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    Keep the Rodents Out of Your Camp

    When the SHTF, the grids down or the economy collapses and have kicked our survival plan into gear it won’t take long...

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    Beginner Preppers Shopping List for 30 Days of Food

    Beginner preppers often feel overwhelmed. They don’t know where or how to start prepping. Often times they will make some rookie prepper...

  • cheap foods to stock cheap foods to stock

    6 Foods You Can Store on the Cheap

    I hear it all the time “prepping is so expensive“, “I just can’t afford to start storing supplies right now”, and on...

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    10 Common Emergency Mistakes to Avoid

    So you have your pantry primed, water all stocked up and enough ammo to make government goons jealous, but what mistakes did...

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