Food Production

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    Here are 3 Non-lethal Ways of Protecting Your Livestock

    Have you ever had predators come after your chickens, goats or any other livestock you might be raising? If you have then...

  • edible flowers edible flowers

    How Many of These 82 Edible Flowers Would You Consider Eating?

    Foraging is a skill that has be learnt. It can be taught, and is a much have skill especially if you live...

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    When You See this Self Watering Grow Bag You’ll Have no More Excuses Not to Start Growing Your Own Food

    Grow bags an interesting invention. Grow bags are made of breathable fabric which means superior drainage and aeration. It is the aeration that...

  • survive a famine survive a famine

    Famine is to be Taken Seriously, Here’s How to Survive it

    Going hungry is a serious issue when you think about bugging out, bugging in or just surviving whatever situation life throws at...

  • chicken-run chicken-run

    Prevent Predators from Getting to Your Chickens by Adding these Features to Your Chicken Run

    Chickens are by far the most popular livestock to add to homesteads. They are fairly easy to care for and provide eggs...

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    10 Vegetables from Your Garden You Should be Saving the Seeds From

    One of the best ways to start your garden off right is to start with the best seeds. The best way to...

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    What this Guy Did in an Oregon Back Yard will Amaze You

    Urban gardening has something people have been trying to conquer for a long time. Some have succeeded. This video tour of an...

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    10 Self-Sufficiency Homesteading Skills from Our Crazy Redneck Neighbor

    Being from Kentucky, I’ve had my fair share of crazy neighbors, and several more crazy family members, but boy can they be...

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    You Will Not Believe What “Tool” this Guy Uses to Plant His Garden

    Gardening is a lot of work, but for some is fun and therapeutic. But all the bending and kneeling to plant each...

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    With These 13 Bread Recipes You’ll Never Have to Buy Bread Again

    Have you every had homemade bread? I can remember growing up and grandma used to make it for us, and boy is...

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    If You Want to Build a Homestead then Here’s What You Need to Look For

    We’ve covered a lot about homesteading lately, spring is on it’s way and many of us will be looking to extend our...

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    If You Want to Grow Your Food Year Round then You Need to See this $300 Underground Greenhouse

    Growing our own food is something most preppers set out to do. It’s often started on a small scale but over time...

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    Here are the Top 5 Container Gardening Tips

    If you live in the city, especially an apartment, container gardening is almost your only option when it comes to growing any...

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    This is Why You Need to be Pruning Your Tomatoes

    Spring is still a little ways away, but it’s never too early to start planning your garden. Tomatoes are one of the...

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    Wait Til You See this Modern Off Grid Root Cellar

    Many of us had those grandparents who were always “going to the cellar” for something they stored down there, but we likely...

  • homesteading skills homesteading skills

    13 Homesteading Supplies You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

    Having a homestead is a dream for many survivalists. It means not relying on others, whether its the government or the grocery,...

  • raising chickens raising chickens

    How to Add Chickens to Your Homestead

    Chickens are an important part of many homesteads. They are very popular as they provide two types of food. You can harvest...

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