Food Production

  • homesteading skills homesteading skills

    If This 93 Year Old Can Run a Homestead, Why Can’t You?

    Running a homestead is a lot of work, depending on how deep down the homesteading rabbit hole you want to go. You...

  • 7.2K

    How to Make Moonshine

    Let’s face it, a homestead isn’t complete without certain things. You need to grow some food, have some livestock and work on...

  • 4.1K

    What Is Urban Foraging? How to Find Free Food in the City!

    Have you ever tried foraging for food? Our ancestors relied on it to survive. Now I’m sure you can imagine walking through...

  • self sufficient self sufficient

    20 ways to become more self-sufficient before ‘the crunch’ arrives

    Becoming self sufficient is usually a goal of almost every prepper. Sometimes it is a goal that is far off in the...

  • garden every day garden every day

    What to Do in the Organic Garden Every Day

    John from takes you on a late summer garden tour POV style (point of view) style to share with you what...

  • 3.0K

    The Very Best Vegetables To Grow In An Unheated Greenhouse

      Eating fresh produce all winter is a gardener’s dream. There is a sense of pride and satisfaction from eating vegetables you...

  • 2.4K

    Survival Food Pyramid – How Well Do You Know it and What Level are You On?

    Regardless of whether you are new to prepping or an experience prepper when it comes to researching survival food the amount of...

  • 2.2K

    How to Take Charge of Your Pop Bottle Garden and Get Explosive Growth from Your Plants.

    Gardening seems to be making a huge comeback and really exploding in popularity. This is fantastic news as the more popular it...

  • aquaponics pool system aquaponics pool system

    Transform this Fairly Common Item Into Your Very Own Aquaponics System.

    Aquaponics systems are a growing trend among preppers. They are one of the best ways to grow your own produce as well...

  • Grow your Own groceries Grow your Own groceries

    Grow Your Own Groceries is Our Favorite Gardening Resource. Here’s Why.

    Grow Your Own Groceries is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to start their own garden and become more self-sufficient. It is...

  • diy aquaponics diy aquaponics

    Here is an Easy, Cheap and Effective Method for Building Your First Aquaponic System

    You’ve heard of aquaponics rights? If not, let me give you a quick run down of what aquaponics is.According to wikipedia aquaponics...

  • 1.7K

    Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start on Your Homesteading Journey.

    We started our homesteading journey just over a year ago. We have lived in the country for 11 years, but didn’t have...

  • smarter gardening smarter gardening

    Gardening is Hard Work. Here are 10 Tips for Smarter Gardening.

    Spring is here in full swing and now is the time to get your gardens going. For most of us, gardening has...

  • grow superfoods grow superfoods

    I Didn’t Know These Three Super Foods Were So Easy to Grow at Home.

    Growing a garden can quickly become a full time job of any prepper. If you want a full garden you to apply...

  • 2.3K

    I Still Can’t Believe You Can Grow These 7 Survival Crops without Irrigation. It Really Works.

    Most every prepper wants to grow their own survival food. It is one of the best ways of becoming self sufficient. Think...

  • 4.2K

    What Do You Do With Toilet Paper Rolls?

    I don’t know about you, but I have been looking at everything a lot differently since beginning this life of seeking self-reliance. ...

  • 3.4K

    Jump Start Your Chicken Coop: 46 Things to Consider Before You Start Building

    Part of being a prepper means you most likely want to be self sufficient. Being self sufficient means you need to have...

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