Food Production

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    Here are 6 Ways to Grow Survival Food Even if You Don’t Have the Room.

    A lot of preppers find themselves living in an area where they feel they don’t have enough space for their preps. This...

  • gardening mistakes gardening mistakes

    6 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid as a New Gardener. Number 3 was New to Me.

    The weather is starting to warm up and gardening season is quickly approaching. This is a great time to start preparing your...

  • start your garden start your garden

    How’s Your Green Thumb. If You Need Help Getting Your Garden Started, Here You Go.

    I will be completely honest I failed at gardening more times then I care to count. I was never taught any gardening...

  • permaculture principles permaculture principles

    4 Principles of Permaculture to Start a Great Garden.

    12Permaculture originated in Australia and means permanent agriculture. It combines several things into having the ‘perfect” garden. Using sustainable agriculture, landscape design...

  • self sufficient bee keeping self sufficient bee keeping

    Bee Keeping. How it Can Help You Be More Self Sufficient.

    Being self sufficient is a goal of many preppers. We don’t want to rely on the government for any of our needs,...

  • types of milk for storage types of milk for storage

    Is Milk in Your Prepping Plan? What Kind Should You Be Storing?

    How much did you drink yesterday? What about last week? Do you use it for cooking? I don’t know about you but...

  • community garden community garden

    Putting Together a Community Garden in 5 Steps

    It doesn’t really matter if you live in a large city or in a small town, we can all have a garden....

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    Secrets to Gardening without a Yard

    More and more Americans are living in cities, usually apartment, condos or townhouses. This leads to less and less area for gardening....

  • being self sufficient being self sufficient

    What Can You Do to Become Self-Sufficient?

    It seems more and more people are moving towards being self sufficient. You see more people growing their own food, raising chickens...

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    Grow These 4 Foods Indoors

    No matter how much food you have stocked, if a crisis lasts long enough there will come a time when you will...

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    3 Zone Pushing Tips to Help You Grow Almost Anything in Your Climate

    Have you ever wanted to grow something that prefers temperatures that are outside your growing zone? Maybe you wanted to extend your...

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    Start Composting…Like a Boss

    It’s winter time for most of us here in America which means we won’t be doing much planting. Now is a good...

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    Grow 53 Plants in 4 Square Feet of Space

    When it comes to homesteading or raising some or all of your own food, space can be a real obstacle. Especially for...

  • food storage in United States food storage in United States

    Is the United States Headed for a Food Shortage Crisis? [infographic]

    The average American eats the equivalent of a small car every year, around 2000 pounds of food. If you do the math,...

  • self sufficient lifestyle self sufficient lifestyle

    19 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living

    Do you have the desire to be self sufficient? Imagine maybe you live on a farm where you grow your own food,...

  • how to make biltong how to make biltong

    Let’s Make Biltong [Videos by Jack Spirko]

    People have been making biltong since the early 17th century. Preparation involved applying vinegar and rubbing the strips of meat with a mixture...

  • what to grow in an emergency what to grow in an emergency

    10 Survival Foods You Should Be Growing Yourself [Infographic]

    You can never store enough food food, whether its canned, dried or freezer food, there is no such thing as enough. But...

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