Urban Homesteading

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    This Family Grows 6,000 Pounds of Food on Just 1/10th of an Acre, Here’s How

    I’ve always dreamed of having enough land to grow enough food to support my family of 4, but could never decide on...

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    What this Guy Did in an Oregon Back Yard will Amaze You

    Urban gardening has something people have been trying to conquer for a long time. Some have succeeded. This video tour of an...

  • homesteading skills homesteading skills

    If This 93 Year Old Can Run a Homestead, Why Can’t You?

    Running a homestead is a lot of work, depending on how deep down the homesteading rabbit hole you want to go. You...

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    What Do You Do With Toilet Paper Rolls?

    I don’t know about you, but I have been looking at everything a lot differently since beginning this life of seeking self-reliance. ...

  • start your garden start your garden

    How’s Your Green Thumb. If You Need Help Getting Your Garden Started, Here You Go.

    I will be completely honest I failed at gardening more times then I care to count. I was never taught any gardening...

  • self sufficient bee keeping self sufficient bee keeping

    Bee Keeping. How it Can Help You Be More Self Sufficient.

    Being self sufficient is a goal of many preppers. We don’t want to rely on the government for any of our needs,...

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    Secrets to Gardening without a Yard

    More and more Americans are living in cities, usually apartment, condos or townhouses. This leads to less and less area for gardening....

  • being self sufficient being self sufficient

    What Can You Do to Become Self-Sufficient?

    It seems more and more people are moving towards being self sufficient. You see more people growing their own food, raising chickens...

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    Grow These 4 Foods Indoors

    No matter how much food you have stocked, if a crisis lasts long enough there will come a time when you will...

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    Grow 53 Plants in 4 Square Feet of Space

    When it comes to homesteading or raising some or all of your own food, space can be a real obstacle. Especially for...

  • self sufficient lifestyle self sufficient lifestyle

    19 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living

    Do you have the desire to be self sufficient? Imagine maybe you live on a farm where you grow your own food,...

  • what to grow in an emergency what to grow in an emergency

    10 Survival Foods You Should Be Growing Yourself [Infographic]

    You can never store enough food food, whether its canned, dried or freezer food, there is no such thing as enough. But...

  • trash after disaster trash after disaster

    What to do with Garbage and How to Compost After a SHTF Crisis

    Take a minute and imagine what a city might look like while recovering from a major crisis. You don’t have to image...

  • urban homesteading tips urban homesteading tips

    Get Started with Urban Homesteading with These 10 Tips

    The term Urban Homesteading can refer to a few different things. There are agencies at local, state and federal levels that offer...

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