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    Get Ready for Nationwide Concealed Carry

    Concealed carry is a great thing. But it can also be a bit of a headache for travelers. Prior to starting many...

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    Use These 12 Ordinary Items as Weapons in a Pinch

    Guns are very effective weapons for defense. Knives work very well also. Additionally there is mace, tasers, and other personal protection devices....

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    What’s Better: High Capacity or Heavy Firepower? You Decide

    When it comes to daily carry, any gun is better than none. But, when deciding on the gun of choice, there are...

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    What’s the Ideal Conceal Carry Gun?

    We pretty much all have “that one” gun we carry, right? It seems if you carry a gun, then anyone in your...

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    Don’t be a Victim! Learn How to Survive a Mass Shooting

    The new year kicked off, sadly, with a mass shooting by a Muslim terrorist at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Five were killed...

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    Make Knives Great Again: Repeal The Switchblade Act of 1958

    Liberals make no sense whatsoever. That we know. We also know that every man (and most women and many children) should carry...

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    This VIDEO Shows How to Instantly Stop an Armed Robbery

    Harrowing video footage of an armed robbery in Georgia surfaced recently. It shows how to expertly handle such terrible situations. Bob Owens...

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    When Do You Tell The Police You Carry Concealed?

    Coast to coast, more Americans are carrying firearms than ever. That’s a good thing as crime rates are rising and the Salafists...

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    Surprise! Criminals Buy Guns On The Street, Avoid Laws

    Amazingly, the liberals constantly claim that gun control works. If we, the law-abiding, just jump through a few more hoops, then criminals...

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    Gun Free School Zones Kill; Let’s Get Rid Of Them!

    Every once in a great while America suffers a school shooting. These events are terrible and they usually result in terrible calls...

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    Just What Is The Difference Between .223 Rem. and 5.56 Nato???

    Some ARs shoot .223 ammunition. Others fire only 5.56mm. Still others chamber both. You can fire a .223 from a 5.56 gun...

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    Learn How To Fire The AT4 Anti-Tank Rocket

    Sometimes a knife or a gun does the trick. Then again, sometimes you need a little more firepower. That’s what this article...

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    The .357 Magnum Arrow Replacement For Your Bow

    Many gun people have never been too certain about bows. I’m one of them. And I suppose they’re are a few bow...

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    2016 Was A Great Year For Gun Owners!

    We’ve had plenty of stories about guns, gun owners, and gun control this year. If it seems like a busy time, it...

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    You Have To See This! Oak Tree Vs. 30 Pounds Of Tannerite

    Tannerite. Exploding targets. Maybe you’ve seen the stuff at gun shows. Perhaps you’ve used it in the field. I’ve blasted away at...

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    This Federal Judge Rules Open Carry In Public Is Your Right

    This fall reality handed the gun grabbers a major defeat with the election of Donald Trump. While Trump may not the strongest...

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    19-YO “Mark Zuckerberg Of Guns” Builds Remarkable Smart Gun

    One of the lies the gun grabbers tell is that you’re more likely to have your own gun used against you than...

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