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    1902 Luger Pistol Carbine Discovered

    Collecting firearms is a popular American pastime. And few weapons are as popular or sought after than the Georg J. Luger’s pistol....

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    Number of Gun Owners in America Rising

    I just stumbled through a short piece on NOT drinking your own urine. (The things I do for you..). Now, I have...

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    Ruger’s New LCP II Compact .380 For EDC

    Back in August we covered: How to Pick a Combat Pistol. How about a pocket pistol as a backup or for everyday...

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    Top Knives for Everyday Carry

    Your blade should be an extension of you. A good knife just might be the most versatile and needful piece of equipment...

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    SS190AP Armor-Piercing Ammunition Illegal in New Jersey

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Not if the goose is a goose-stepping government and the gander...

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    How to Store Your MonoVault (Guns and Ammo)

    Firearms are a critical part of our survival. They are nearly sacred in America. They are hunting tools. And they are defensive...

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    How to Carry Your Firearm; AIWB or Not?

    Appendix inside the waistband, or AIWB, carry is gaining popularity for a number of reasons today. Many people find it is a...

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    Best Distance to Practice When Carrying Concealed Firearm

    Americans are fighting back against terrorists and criminals more and more everyday. They are defending themselves and others. They are making their...

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    New Urban Assault Rifle Revealed at DVD ‘16

    The assault rifle: dread bane of delicate liberal sensibilities, worst nightmare of the looting criminal class, enigma for the masses, and fun...

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    Make Your Own PVC Bow (VIDEO)

    Archaeological evidence suggests that people used bows and arrows nearly 13,000 years ago, perhaps longer. These weapons are simple and efficient. And...

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    A 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol on the Market?

    What do you get when you cross a 12 gauge with the venerable Colt 1911? Oh, and I’m serious here. You get...

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    Prop 63 Advocating House-to-House Confiscation of Guns

    The commies are coming! The commies are coming! Yes, in California they are coming for your guns and ammo. And, if you...

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    Weapons to Consider Adding to Your Arsenal

    It happened again Monday night. During the presidential debate Hillary Clinton made ubiquitous reference to the dreaded “assault” rifle. Just because a...

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    The State of Illinois Bans Parents’ Second Amendment Rights!

    The Second Amendment is the defensive backbone of the Constitution. And it is under attack every day in America. During the first...

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    Consider These Nine Alternative Weapons In Addition To Your Firearm

    They say don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. But what if your gun jams? What if you don’t have one when...

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    Would Be Car Jacker thinks this Woman is Going to Make an Easy Target…He Was Wrong

    Sometimes people make really stupid mistakes. For instance, trying to rob or carjack someone is a mistake. Robbery is wrong. That’s why...

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    Here’s How A Training Simulator Can Help Prepare You For A Real Armed Encounter

    Any firearm owner must practice in order to maintain proficiency. Not knowing how one’s gun will perform is almost as bad as...

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