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    Make this Inexpensive Gun Magnet and Mount Your Gun Almost Anywhere

    You have the perfect car – the ultimate bugout vehicle. You’ve also purchased the optimal defensive sidearm. Now… How do you get...

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    Make Your Own Exploding Targets with Plastic Bottles

    The Tannerite craze is something known to almost all shooters, preppers, and outdoorsmen. Now, there is an easy way to get all...

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    Should You Use .44 Magnum for Home Defense?

    The .44 Magnum was famous for years. Then Clint Eastwood made it a legend. Even though it is no longer “the most...

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    Elderly Gun Owner Teaches Would-Be Robber A Lesson

    It’s never really a pleasant thing when someone gets shot. Then again, it isn’t at all nice or pleasant to go around...

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    There’s a Massive Run on Firearms Coming, Bigger than Anything We’ve Ever Seen, According to James Rawles

    The great American Gun Run! That sounds like a 5K for preppers. Speaking of great, Barack Hussein Obama is the world’s greatest...

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    Sheriff David Clarke Talks about Wearing a Target on Your Chest Everyday

    America, it seems, is sliding into chaos. Each week brings a new outrage, a new riot, a new protest, or a host...

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    You’ve Got to See the World’s Fastest Shotgun, Shoots 30 Rounds in 8 Seconds

    Sometimes one need to lay down 30 rounds of buckshot fast. When you ask? How about when your car is surrounded by...

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    Do You Know How to Choose the Perfect Combat Pistol?

    This is not a story about everyday, ordinary concealed carry. This is about the gun one needs when the SHTF. These may...

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    What Happens When 2 Navy Snipers Take on 38 Somali Pirates?

    Well, shiver me timbers! The pirates walk the plank! If you haven’t seen Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks, you need to watch...

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    This AirBow will Let You Hunt and Target Practice in Relative Silence

    What do you get when you cross a rifle with a crossbow? An AirBow. An awesome, ultra-quiet weapon with stopping power. Buffalo...

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    Follow these 10 Tips if You Plan on Carrying a Gun

    More Americans now own and carry firearms than ever before. If you plan to join the ranks of the armed citizenry, there...

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    Did You Hear Who Stopped this Hostage Situation at a Gas Station in Tennessee?

    It wasn’t the police. It sure as heck wasn’t a social justice warrior or any “well wishing” gun controller. It was a...

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    Check Out these 4 Weapons Designed Specifically to Take Down Illegal Drones

    Drones could have been the next big thing in RC aviation, but once someone attached a camera to them the word ‘drone’...

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    Whether You’re Pro Gun or Not this Video is a Much Watch

    The holster company Urban Carry has created a video that everyone should watch, whether they’re pro gun or not. Backed up by...

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    You Won’t Believe What this Democrat Delegate Confesses About Hillary’s Plan for Guns

    Project Veritas Action (PVA) brought down corrupt Democrat activist front group ACORN with a series of revealing videos, and has now turned...

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    You Have to See the Devastating Stopping Power of this Full Auto .50 Cal Beowulf

    The .50 cal Beowulf AR offers absolutely devastating stopping power at short to medium range. You can use semi-auto or you can...

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    Is the Second Amendment Really on the Ballot this November?

    Gun owner? Freedom lover? Constitutionalist? The truth is that the future of the Second Amendment is at stake, with whoever wins the...

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