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    This Backyard Gunsmith Builds a Terrifying “Massachusetts Assault Rifle”

    About a week ago Massachusetts came out with a full on ban on assault weapons. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey dropped a...

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    See What These Quick Thinking Teens Did to Ruin this Would be Burglar’s Plans

    Teaching our kids gun safety is very important, not just so they know that they are in the house, and what not...

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    What Does the New “Normal of Violence” Mean for You?

    In the aftermath of seemingly endless daily shootings, what is a person to do? Carry your gun. The responsibility to protect your...

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    Don’t Ruin Your Wheel Gun By Avoiding this Revolver Etiquette

    The late Barry Elliott from IraqVeteran8888 discusses proper revolver etiquette in this segment of ‘Gun Gripes.’ Too often an inexperienced, and sometimes...

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    Could This Be the Most Destructive Shotgun Round Ever Made?

    Talking shotguns is always a good and popular topic around here, they seem to never get old. There is always some new...

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    Who Needs a Double Barreled Shotgun when You Can Get a 6 Barreled Shotgun?

    We all have a love for our shotguns. For good reason, they are one of the best weapons to have for home defense....

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    If You Live in This State AR-15 Sales Have Just Been Banned Starting Today!

    Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey dropped a massive bombshell on the residents of the state. After every mass shooting we have in...

  • How Well Does the PolyCase Inceptor ARX Ammo Stack Up Against these Steel Targets?

    We had a chance to check out the PolyCase ammo this year at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, and I can tell...

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    You Won’t Believe the Impact these Custom Made Slugs, Dubbed “Juicers”, Do When They Connect with the Target

    Back in January we showed you this very impressive shotgun round, by OATH ammunition, it is their 1.25oz 1600fps all-copper slug designed...

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    Have You Seen the Benjamin Bulldog 357 Magnum Air Rifle? I Think You’ll Be Impressed!

    I think air guns are great for training purposes. If you can pick up some nice airsoft guns and throw on a helmet,...

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    21 Futuristic Guns I Bet You Didn’t Know Already Exist

    FN F2000 The F2000 is a modular weapon system; its principal component is a compact 5.56×45mm NATO-caliber assault rifle configured in a...

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    See What This Teacher Sneaks Into School Everyday to Keep Her Students from Becoming Just Another Statistic

    Our schools, at least most of them, have that dreaded sign in several places outside their buildings and on every door as...

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    FBI Director Comey and Hillary Clinton have Completey Destroyed the Rule of Law, Here’s What You Can Do About it

    Last week FBI Director James Comey determined that there are no charges recommend in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. This infuriated millions...

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    6 Myths of the 12 Gauge Dispelled

        Myth 1: “You don’t have to aim a shotgun” This is a big one, maybe the biggest. Just pull the...

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    These 5 AR-15s Are Guaranteed to Not Cause PTSD

    1. JP Rifles/5.11 Always Be Ready Carbine Maybe it was our first exposure to Key-Mod or that Grey Cerakote or just the...

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    One Law that Could Stop 98.9% of Mass Shootings Continually Gets Shot Down by this Group, Why?

    If there was a single law that could all but eliminate mass shootings you would think that it would pass unanimously with...

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    Michigan Gas Station Offers a Discount if You Bring This Item with You in their Store

    We need more business owners like the one at this gas station in Michigan. This guy has been robbed twice in the...

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