Medical Care

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    This Information is Serious as a Heart Attack, if You Want to Prevent One

    Few medical emergencies are as serious or as scary as a heart attack. Every year thousands die due to these cardiac events....

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    Here are 5 Good Reasons You Might Want to Avoid Antibiotics

    Antibiotics are modern wonder drugs. There’s no argument there. The main problem with these drugs is that they are over prescribed. And...

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    What Preppers Need to Know About the Bedbug Pandemic

    Bedbugs are less welcome than a politician, if only so slightly. I spend a fair amount of time on the road and...

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    Here’s How to Treat and Prevent Hypothermia

    So, we just wrapped up a month of exploring winter preparedness. Now, we examine health and medical concerns that preppers face. Today’s...

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    A $3 Preppers Guide to Suturing

    Note: this article is not necessarily for the overly squeamish. Then again, neither is SHTF. Better to get used to it all...

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    Learn How These (Non-Government) Parasites Zap Your Health

    There are parasites everywhere you look these days – Congress, the Federal Reserve, Democrats, the NFL, Republicans, the IRS, Goldman Sachs. They’re...

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    Here are the Top 10 Ways the Hospital can Kill You (or Make You Sicker)

    There is very good reason to do everything you can to stay out of the hospital. First, being there means you’re sick....

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    Learn These Minimum Requirements for Survival Health

    During February’s focus on health and medical care we will look at many situations and processes geared to help you survive. Of...

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    Hormonally Charged Prepping: Testosterone and You

    Sometimes I fear my age is finally catching up with me. After a workout, like right now, I am acutely aware that...

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    Use This Guide To Prep For Medical Emergencies

    Medical emergencies can strike almost anyone at almost any time. They always come at unexpected and unwelcomed times too. That’s why they’re...

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    Here are 15 Great Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

    Health is important any time of year. But in the winter, with the added stress of the cold and ice, it is...

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    Treat Radiation Sickness With These Supplements

    The crazies in D.C. and New York are doing everything they can to steer America towards a possible nuclear confrontation with Russia....

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    Check Out This Complete DIY Survival Medical Kit

    Over the past few months we here at Freedom Prepper have covered several great medical kits. We’ve looked at small travel models....

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    Learn These 11 Plants That Formed The Native American Medicine Cabinet

    Various people have been using natural remedies for medical issue for centuries. And the Cherokee tribe of North America were no different....

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    Ten More Essential OTC Medications to Always Have Nearby

    Aches, pains, sprains, the cold – nobody likes to feel bad. Fortunately, in the modern age we have a wide variety of...

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    Top Medications for Everyday Carry

    “EDC” or everyday carry generally connotes the carry of weapons. The Ruger LCP is a compact pistol for EDC and so forth....

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    Are You Prepped for a Pandemic? – 9/12/16

    A pandemic is a disease outbreak which covers an entire nation or region. Such was the Black Plague which wiped out half...

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