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    14 Ways You Should do to Prepare for a Flu Pandemic

    Are you ready for a flu pandemic? Probably not…there have been a growing number of cases of H1N1 reported in the United...

  • first aid at home first aid at home

    10 Household Items that can be used for First Aid

    First aid kits are high priority on a preppers list. Most first aid kits that you buy in the store have some...

  • sugar clots blood sugar clots blood

    Reach for the Sugar the Next Time You Cut Yourself

    Next time you’re out camping and you cut yourself you might consider grabbing the sugar and pour it on the wound… Seriously!...

  • dealing with high blood pressure dealing with high blood pressure

    Dealing with High Blood Pressuring in a Long Term Survival Situation

    The United States is known for being sick. We have so many chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, the...

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    Use These Herbs to Relax, Sleep and Get Energized

    You can really never go wrong when it comes to using herbs, as long as you know which ones have what side...

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    Dealing with Anxiety during a Survival Situation

    We’ve all had situations in our lives where we feel anxious or nervous. When we are confronted with a survival situation or...

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    Do You Have These 7 Chinese Herbal Remedies in Your First Aid Kit?

    We’ve talked about first aid before, even yesterday our resident medical experts talked about alternatives to antibiotics, but one thing that has...

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    Alternative Antibiotics in Survival

    Years ago, I wrote the original article on aquarium antibiotics as an option in a survival setting. Many of the questions that...

  • which antibiotics to stock which antibiotics to stock

    What Antibiotics Do You need for Survival?

    We all know the importance of stocking food, ammo, water and medical supplies. But I’ve seen a lot of people who have...

  • drug resistant bacteria drug resistant bacteria

    Drug Resistant Bacteria (Super Bugs) are Coming

    Out of the 2 million Americans infected by antibiotic resistant bacteria in 2012, 23,000 died. They died because the bacteria that infected...

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    Preparing to Survive with a Chronic Disease After a Crisis

    No matter how prepared you are there will come a time where something hits the fan and you find yourself questioning your...

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    5 First Aid Techniques to Learn for Survival

    Do you know someone that gets sick from just the sight of blood? We all know someone that can not handle an...

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    21 Things You Must Have in Your Medical Kit for Treating a Gun Shot

    What to include in a medical kit has long been debated, and probably won’t end any time soon. We all have our...

  • herbal medicine cabinet herbal medicine cabinet

    Top 10 Herbs for to Have in Your Medicine Cabinet

    Conventional medicine can only get you so far, and after a while of taking you it you either become dependent on it...

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    Emergency Childbirth in a Bug Out Situation

    What many preppers fail to realize is that even though we may be bugging out, bugging in, or in a crisis situation,...

  • obamacare prepper obamacare prepper

    What You Should Know as a Prepper about Obamacare

    Since the release of the Affordable Health Care act, aka Obamacare, there have been a slew a news stories about it. From...

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