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    This Is Your Guide For Building A Complete DIY Solar System

    More and more people are choosing to live off the grid. And more people are turning to the sun for power. That...

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    Make Your Own Wind Turbine

    Just about everything in the modern world runs on electricity. For the most part it is an inexpensive and reliable resource. However,...

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    You Can Use a Phone Line for Power During a Blackout

    We’ve all mostly like been in that situation before, the power is out but your old wall phone still had power. I...

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    Should You Stock Disposable or Rechargeable Batteries for When the Grid Goes Down?

    Grid down events are discussed pretty heavily in the prepardness community, some would argue that with the threat of an EMP attack,...

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    This Bike Can Turn Your Workout into Enough Electricity to Power Your House

    Going off grid is a lot about making your own power. Solar and wind power can be really expensive, and take years...

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