Survival Skills

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    Here’s How to Treat and Prevent Hypothermia

    So, we just wrapped up a month of exploring winter preparedness. Now, we examine health and medical concerns that preppers face. Today’s...

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    Here’s What You Must know About Water Purification

    Hurricanes, war, martial law, zombies, and the horrors of politics are but of the few disasters worth preparing for and against. Yet...

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    Cooking with a Hearth

    We are wrapping up Winter Survival in our VIP group, so I thought a winter survival tip would be appropriate for you...

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    Make Your Own Waterproof Survival Kit

    Gear is important for survival. All preppers know that. And almost all of us have a bug out bag or a “go”...

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    Is All this for Nothing if SHTF Never Happens?

    I’ve heard so many times from non-preppers “nothing is ever going to happen” or “all you need is enough for a few...

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    Coming Home to an Open Front Door

    Yesterday, the family and I went to get a little shopping done, then out to eat. When we returned, as I was...

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    You Can Survive a Winter Storm with These General Survival Tips

    As our January-long series on winter preparedness winds down, I found a great multi-purpose article by Robert Richardson. He posted at Off...

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    DO NOT Make These 10 Winter Survival Mistakes

    When a severe winter storm is on the way, there are plenty of things you need to do. Then again, there are...

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    These 5 Things Will Help You Survive in the Wilderness

    Some day you and your family may be forced to flee into the wilderness to survive some disaster. In a way, that...

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    These 5 Household Items Can Save You Life After SHTF

    Survival is critical but it doesn’t always have to be hard. Sometimes the simple things get the job done. You already have...

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    Read Up On When Survival Fiction Turns Out To Be Fact

    Sometimes a good book provides more than mere entertainment. Sometimes there are real world lessons embedded in fiction. That’s true for the...

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    Master These 25 Tips Just For Apartment And City Preppers

    Prepping usually conjures up images of mountain men at a remote cabin in the woods. However, many (if not most) preppers live...

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    Here Are 25 More Great Ideas To Stay Warm This Winter

    Once again we examine the obvious: winter is coming! Still, even though it happens every single year, some people are caught unprepared....

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    Use These Easy Tips To Find Cheap Or Free Gear For Prepping

    One of our great themes here is saving money on the preps. Cheaps for the peeps, I call it. Prepping can be...

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    Survive The Zombie Apocalypse – Or Anything Else

    The zombies are coming! Maybe it’s the night of the living dead. And believe it or not, both the CDC and the...

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    Situational Awareness Practices

    Always be of your surroundings. Terror attacks and crime happen without warning. And they can happen anywhere. It’s usually when least expected....

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    Emergency Survival Pack Items for Your Kids

    Our children are our pride and our most precious resource. Protecting them is our paramount charge as parents. This includes when they...

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