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    Emergency Survival Pack Items for Your Kids

    Our children are our pride and our most precious resource. Protecting them is our paramount charge as parents. This includes when they...

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    Make Sure Your Children Know These 15 Survival Skills

    Children are a blessing and one of the most important reasons to be prepared. Whitney Houston had it right: “I believe the...

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    12 Survival Skills to Teach Your Kids this Summer

    Preparedness and kids are two things that are often not put together. Many parents I’ve met feel that either their kids are...

  • kids survival skills kids survival skills

    Teaching Kids How to Prepare

      Prepping with Kids My experience tells me that kids are more capable of adopting a prepper’s lifestyle than many of their...

  • survival skills for kids survival skills for kids

    There’s Still Time to Teach Your Kids These 6 Survival Skills Before the End of Summer.

    How active are you kids over the summer break? Your kids may be enrolled in year around school, which means they most...

  • prepping with kids prepping with kids

    This Kid Knows Survival…Does Yours?

    It really is never too early to start teaching your kids about survival. You can start from the very basic with young...

  • Does Your Kid have a Bug Out Bag? Here’s What Needs to Be in it By Age.

    There is a lot of debate on whether we should be teaching our kids survival skills, or talking to them about what’s...

  • 5 Things Boys can do to help with Prepping

    I have a teen boy that seems to have endless energy. Here are 5 things that they can do to use that...

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    The Power is Out and Your Kids are Bored. 27 ways to Keep them Entertained.

    What do your kids do when the power goes out? If they are like, and most others, they get bored, really, really...

  • get children home safe get children home safe

    You Are Stranded with Your Children. How do You Get Them Home Safely?

    Last week’s winter storm took it’s toll on the much of the country, specifically those in the south who aren’t prepared for...

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    Do Your Kids have an EDC Pack?

    When’s the last time you heard a news story about an incident in a school that made you a little concerned about...

  • prepping with teens prepping with teens

    Prepping with Teenagers

    I remember like it was yesterday. A few days after 9/11 The Principal and I had taken the kids to the growing...

  • child EDC child EDC

    Does Your Child Know the Importance of EDC?

    If you have children then I am sure you’ve thought through several scenarios of bugging out with your children. Depending on their...

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    Should You Bug Out with Children?

    When disaster strikes you will need to make some very important decisions. One decision is going to be to either bug in...

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    Get Your Kids into Prepping

    Kids can be influenced into just about anything. If mom or dad are into it, then most likely kids will get into...

  • survival skills for children survival skills for children

    Does Your 12 Year Old Know these Survival Skills?

    My daughter turns 12 next year, which got me thinking, how would she handle a crisis situation? How would she react? Would...

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    How Will Your Kids Do in a Survival Situation? [Video]

    If you’re like many of us preppers, you most likely have children. They may be really young and in diapers, toddlers, maybe...

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