Survival Skills

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    How to Make and Fill Your Own Pill Bottle Survival Kit

    Preppers know the importance of a bug out bag. And a bug out vehicle. And a home, maybe a retreat to, fortified...

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    DIY Tips: Applying a Tourniquet, Pulling a Tooth, Stitching a Wound, Giving Birth

    You’re bugging out or already bugged out. And you cut yourself. Bad. What do you Do? Remember, this is post-SHTF. The doctor...

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    Is it Safe to Drink Urine?

    Okay. This one is a little offbeat even for me. Brace yourselves. In an emergency survival situation, should you drink your own...

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    How to Create Your Own Clandestine Campground

    Camping out of doors is one of the great pleasures of life. It’s also a great way to practice some of your...

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    Survival Strategies That Could End Badly

    A bad strategy can be as bad or worse than no strategy. Think about a football game. If passing up the middle...

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    (Video) Urban Survival Concepts Every Prepper Should Learn Before the Grid Goes Down

    Today more Americans than ever live in large cities. This presents everyday problems like traffic, crime, and pollution. However, in an emergency,...

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    Outdoor Tips Using Open Flame

    Fire is always our friend. And that’s especially true in an emergency. And it is really, really important when the emergency strands...

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    10 Important Supplies to Always Have Nearby

    There is a lot to prepping On the one hand, the concept is simple: be prepared for what might happen. That makes...

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    5 Preps Survivalists May Not Have Considered Before (But Should)

    Preppers, by nature, concentrate on the big items. They stockpile water, food, ammunition, medical supplies, etc. Those things are very important. However,...

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    Survival Wisdom From The Great Depression

    The financial crisis and The Great Recession gave way to a recovery that really wasn’t. Now, it seems, we are overdue for...

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    CHEAP Dollar Tree Medical Supplies – Prepping Low on Cash

    Everyone is on a budget. Some are bigger than others, but everyone has one. In today’s economy financial constraints make prepping expensive...

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    Make Sure Your Children Know These 15 Survival Skills

    Children are a blessing and one of the most important reasons to be prepared. Whitney Houston had it right: “I believe the...

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    Fourteen Tips the Pioneers Used To Master The Weather

    Today we rely on the forecasts from the newspaper, the internet, and the Weather channel. It’s meteorology in the information age. The...

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    This Winter is Going to Be Brutal According to the Farmers’ Almanac, Start Prepping Now

    I live in the hot, hot South. Hot. South. This summer seemed extra hot although I don’t think we had any days...

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    Your Student Needs to be Prepared for an Emergency, Here’s What Gear they Need

    This summer saw an extremely high amount of terrorist activity, day after day in some cases. Europe and America were rocked: Paris,...

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    Here’s 5 Ways Our Great-Grandparents Were Sustainable Before it Was Even a Thing

    Sustainability is a concept in the field of ecology describing how biological ecosystems remain viable indefinitely. It was made popular by the...

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    25 Survival Hygiene Items You Need in Your Bugout Bag

    They say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. This is important even if you have to bug out and leave the modern...

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