Survival Skills

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    How to Properly Setup Your Tarp to Be used Next to a Long Fire

    If you find yourself in a situation where you will be making camp overnight and sleeping on the ground, you will may...

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    Do You Know How to Make Charcoal?

    Charcoal has many uses when it comes to survival, as does the ash it leaves behind.

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    15 Tarp Shelter Designs to Protect You from the Elements

    We all know the dangers of bugging out. Whether you’ll be hitting the city streets or heading to the woods, the bottom line...

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    When the SHTF People Will Have Several Different Reactions, Here’s What to Expect

    Anytime people are confronted with a new situation there are all types of emotions and reactions that go through their mind. Most...

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    Check Out These 10 Cool Survival Tips, How Many Do You Know?

    How many times a day do you run across another interesting and useful survival tip or survival hack? If you spend much...

  • survive a famine survive a famine

    Famine is to be Taken Seriously, Here’s How to Survive it

    Going hungry is a serious issue when you think about bugging out, bugging in or just surviving whatever situation life throws at...

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    Do You Know Where Your Preps are Lacking the Most?

    Prepping can quickly become overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, how much and what kind. The considerations can go...

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    When You See these 100 Budget Friendly Items You’ll Be Wondering Why Your Preps are Lacking

    Prepping is expensive, plain and simple. But it doesn’t have to be. If you can get past the tacticool aspect of things,...

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    This is the Best Way to Suture a Wound on a Person

    There may come a time in a survival situation that you or someone in your group, or even a stranger that you...

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    This is the Best Way to Build a Stealth Fire Pit to Conceal Your Location

    Staying warm at night in the woods usually means building a fire. In most cases this isn’t a big deal. But what...

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    If You Do Any Campfire Cooking, then You Need to See this DIY Cook Set

    If you are like most preppers you enjoy the great outdoors. There’s no better way to be prepared for bugging out then...

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    How Many of These 16 Old School Survival Skills Do You Know?

    When it comes to survival skills, most people would agree that besides some Vets with major training, that our grandparents were pretty...

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    This is the Best Way to Start a Fire Using Water

    Fire starting is a key skill every prepper and survivalists has to know. It’s not something you can just wing at the...

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    Here are 12 Items Often Overlooked, But You Need to Include in Your Preps

    How many “checklists” have you downloaded that claim to cover everything you need in your pantry, bug out bag, vehicle, etc.? I’m...

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    Here are the 5 Cheapest Yet Effective Pieces of Survival Gear

    Survival gear can run the gamut from completely free to thousands of dollars depending on what you’re looking for. But there are...

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    Wait Til you See What the Most Overlooked Item in an Urban Survival Kit is

    If you live in the city then having an urban survival kit is a must. Actually having several is a necessity. Having...

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    This is the One Trait that Could Get You Killed

    When you think survival skills there are several that come to mind. Some are actual skills while others might be mindsets or...

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