Survival Skills

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    This is One of the Most Important Preps and It Can’t be Bought, Grown or Bartered

    When we think of prepping we traditionally think of physical items, guns, ammo, shelter, food, water, etc. But there is one thing...

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    Easy DIY Torch, Just Like in the Movies

    Every movie or TV show set in a post apocalyptic setting, or the characters find themselves without light, have easily made torches...

  • civil unrest civil unrest

    Here is What You Need to Know to Survive Rioting and Civil Unrest in Your Area

    We’ve seen more than our fair share of civil unrest in this country. But it’s fairly safe to say we haven’t seen...

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    Here are the Steps to Take to Build a Fire Bed

    Staying warm in the wild can be tricky. You can always opt to build a fire and hope it stays burning through...

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    Watch What Happens When You Use a Belt to Barricade a Door

    All across America there is lots of active shooter training taking place. You can never be too prepared for this type of...

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    Wait Til You See How Easy it is to Make These DIY Tripwires

    Perimeter security is high on the list when it comes to setting up self defense for our homes, bug out locations or...

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    8 Ways to Cook Your Food when the Grid Goes Down

    If you’ve relied on indoor cooking your entire life and never tried to cook over an open fire, you may be in...

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    Here are the 13 Things You Can Scavenge from Cars after the SHTF

    Remember how many cars were abandoned on the interstate during the blizzard of 2014 in Atlanta GA? There were hundreds. Now imagine...

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    Knife Maintenance: Learn this Bushcraft Skill to Ensure Your Knife is Always Ready

    Having a sharp knife can be what comes between you and eating while you’re bugging out in the wild. If you need...

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    10 Reasons Paracord is a Must Have on Your Emergency Essentials Checklist [Infographic]

    We all know paracord is has almost as many uses to a prepper as a duct tape does to the handyman. Do...

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    How to Start Building Your Emergency Essentials Stockpile without Getting Overwhelmed

    Emergency essentials can encompass a large area of preparedness. Today we are going to break down emergency essentials, and show you how...

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    Finding Edible Plants in the City

    If riots were to break out in your city or town and all the food was gone, would you know how to...

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    You HAVE to learn this tick removal trick before you go camping

    Summertime is a great time to get the family outside and enjoy a good old-fashioned camping trip, if you can tolerate the...

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    25 Camping Hacks That Are Truly Genius

    For many people, especially those from big cities, camping is one of the greatest ways of enjoying the great outdoors. Just you,...

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    7 Essential Food Hacks for Your Next Camping Trip

    There are certain things that a true pain in the rear when it comes to taking food on your camping trip. Sorted...

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    How to a Start a Fire in the Rain

    When camping knowing how to build  a fire is an essential survival skill. You need it to cook your food, boil water,...

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    3 Factors that are Present in Every Major Survival Situation

    If you go back and look at every survival situation in history you will find 3 factors that are always present. It...

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