Prepping on a Budget

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    CHEAP Dollar Tree Medical Supplies – Prepping Low on Cash

    Everyone is on a budget. Some are bigger than others, but everyone has one. In today’s economy financial constraints make prepping expensive...

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    Do You Know What to do If You’re a Last Minute Prepper?

    We are constantly telling people to start prepping now, and don’t be a last minute prepper, but not everyone takes heed to...

  • laundry soap recipe laundry soap recipe

    Save Money by Skipping the Laundry Detergent Isle and Start Making Your Own at Home

    Being a prepper usually means being frugal. Not only being frugal, but also resourceful and willing to make your own items at...

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    When You See these 100 Budget Friendly Items You’ll Be Wondering Why Your Preps are Lacking

    Prepping is expensive, plain and simple. But it doesn’t have to be. If you can get past the tacticool aspect of things,...

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    How to Be a Prepper on a Budget

    It seems that not a week goes buy where budget prepping doesn’t come up. With the state of our economy it’s hard...

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    Use the Dollar Store to Kick Start Your Preps

      Of all the articles that we’ve written, the one that is the most enduring favorite of our readers has been Grocery...

  • improvised survival gear improvised survival gear

    7 Easy Prepper Projects to Make Awesome Survival Gear

    We don’t know when it will hit the fan, but we can be as ready as possible by educating ourselves and putting...

  • prepping on a budget prepping on a budget

    Prepping is Expensive. Use These Dirt Cheap Strategies to Keep from Breaking the Bank.

    When you start researching how to prepare for disaster and what you will need, you will quickly discover how expensive prepping can...

  • emergency kit gift emergency kit gift

    Introduce Prepping to Friends and Family with Their Own Emergency Kit

    Some of us have people close to us that think we are just plain nuts. They say nothing is ever going to...

  • prepping on a budget prepping on a budget

    Prepping on a Budget with Auctions, Goodwill and Second Hand Stores

    It doesn’t take long as a prepper to realize how fast things can add up. Companies have jumped on the band wagon...

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