Prepping while Renting

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    Master These 25 Tips Just For Apartment And City Preppers

    Prepping usually conjures up images of mountain men at a remote cabin in the woods. However, many (if not most) preppers live...

  • prepping in small spaces prepping in small spaces

    Prepping in Tight Spaces. A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way with Storage Space.

    Stocking up on prepping items can quickly take over your living space. If you are an apartment prepper this can happen ever...

  • apartment blackout apartment blackout

    10 Ways to Survive an “American Blackout” While in an Apartment

    National Geographic’s made for TV movie American Blackout has gotten a lot of press lately, especially in the prepper community. Some say...

  • prepping in an apartment prepping in an apartment

    How to Prep if You’re a Renter

    Many Americans feel they are limited when it comes to preparing for disaster because they rent their current home. While this may...

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