CCW and Police Interaction

CCW and Police Interaction


More and more Americans are buying, owning, and carrying guns than ever before. That’s a great thing. Soon it may well be that all Americans will tote. (Those who don’t we really can’t call “Americans” can we?) Okay, not everyone wants to carry and that’s okay. But, let’s assume you do.


That’s great but there are a few rules. You probably already know most. Think of this as a reminder. Here are some of the very important rules of the road for how to handle traffic stops and police encounters while you’re carrying concealed (or open). Please watch:


Video by National Shooting Sports Foundation/YouTube.



First, the odds that you’ll be stopped, if you’re a good driver, are very low. It’s not really something to worry about – until it happens. No one I’m aware of likes to get pulled over. You know the feeling.


These are great tips on how to handle the encounter. Most police officers are good guys, doing their jobs. And most are gun guys. They actually like us, so long as they know we mean them no harm. I was once pulled over looooong ago. I disclosed my concealed .45 to the officer. We then had a great conversation about guns, America, and freedom. Like two old friends. He even let me off with a warning. It’s not unheard of.


Speaking of disclosure – know the law where you are. Know all the gun laws. Some states mandate disclosure, some do not. Whether to do it is a personal choice. There’s a legal trend to challenge those states that require it. And, as your odds of getting stopped are low, you’re odds of being searched are even lower. Use your head.


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And keep your cool.


Be polite. Be honest but do not say too much. You have a right to remain silent for a reason. Be nice but firm: never consent to a search.


No sudden movements.


No cocky behavior.


Follow the above advice and the incident should be over fast and happy. You might have a ticket to pay but you’ll be free to pay it.


**If you do run into a problem, then consult with a good attorney.**


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