Computer Hackers Find New Ways to Steal From You

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 Computer Hackers Find New Ways to Steal From You

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If you have something, anything, odds are that someone, somewhere wants to take it from you – robbers, con artists, politicians, etc. Over the past generation much of our lives has moved into the new, digital world. (You’re reading this how, now?) And, accordingly, the thieves have gone high-tech too.


A lot of the attention goes to massives hits against large companies like Equifax. But, now, the crooks are going directly after ordinary people.


Daisy Luther issued a stout warning at the Organic Prepper site about the new ways on-line thieves are out to steal your money, information, and even identity. This is a must read for all of us living in the computer age.

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“Never have our personal electronic devices been under more threat. From apps that steal your money to ransomware that locks up your computer to a flaw in Bluetooth devices that allows anything connected to be hacked – including your car – every person using a cell phone or a computer is vulnerable.

Many of us use our devices to conduct business, like banking, bill-paying, or shopping. In fact, these days, it’s increasingly difficult to function if you don’t. I’m not suggesting we all need to get rid of our phones and computers, but we might want to be a lot more careful than we have been in the past.”



Daisy list out four novel ways the bad guys are trying to break down your digital defenses. Some of these are truly remarkable, things you might have never considered. But you really must.


One. Bluetooth

Legacy Food Storage


These wireless, hands free devices are sold for the convenience and safety these supposedly offer. Yet Luther points out they may not be that safe at all, as far as your information is concerned. And they are convenient – for you and the thieves.


These are, after all, open air signals. They can be intercepted and misused. Regardless of what system you run take precautions to avoid being a victim.


There’s also a risk of contagion with Bluetooth. Anything connected to the system is open for attack.

And the dangers lurk in the most unsuspecting places. Luther has a list of common apps (there’s an app for that!) that are or well may be malicious. Check your phone, tablet, etc. to make sure you’re not helping someone else help themselves to your hard earned stuff. Delete them immediately.


Two. The Attacks are Massive


There’s a ransomware attack making its rounds. The unusual thing about this attack is that there are something like 8,000 versions of the virus. 8,000! Shut one down and another pops up to take its place.


This hacking seems to be automated. Maybe the virus has  a life of its own because it keeps randomly changing to defeat countermeasures. The hackers behind it just invent new ways to introduce it to you so it can get to work. They trick and you click. You must take care with all unfamiliar emails, social media contacts, etc. It’s a constant job.


Three. Malware is built in to some Anti-Malware Solutions!


This one is the most amazing. The smarter hackers know that if you’re infected, you’ll run to a service that removes the problem. Their solution is to hack the anti-hacker service and plant their bugs there. Is nothing sacred?


Luther specifically names CCleaner from Piriform. Piriform is aware of the attack and is trying to counter it.

You trust the service to help you and it ends up repeating the same problem for you…


Four. Getting Caught up in Larger Hacks


Last year there was a massive corporate hacking out of the Ukraine. But it did not stop with big business. As so many computers are linked together, many outside outlets were indirectly affected. An innocent third party might end up being part of such a scheme without even knowing it.


These hackers don’t attack you. They just use you as a proxy to further their work on the big targets. You’re only aware that your device slows down over time as the bug takes up more and more resources.

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All of this makes it critical to seek out good computer support and to regularly sweep your devices for bugs. Again, it’s a constant battle – and against a foe that constantly evolves.


Luther concludes, starkly: “Trust no one.” That’s harsh, but it may be the only way to deal with the new threats. In the end, your defense is up to you.

*Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


Our devices offer so many conveniences that we only dreamed about yesteryear. Yet they also offer numerous opportunities for bad things to happen. It is incumbent upon us, the users, to police our computing lives to guard against attack.


In a way, it’s just like prepping for anything else. Be aware and take action.

Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom,​​ ​​firearms,​​ ​​and​​ ​​cigars​​ ​​(and​​ ​​everything​​ ​​else)​​ ​​at​​.​​ ​​He​​ ​​is​​ ​​none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.

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