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Are Condoms Part of Your Preps? Here’s 20 Reasons Why they Should Be.

condoms for survival

condoms for survival

I’m almost certain that when it comes to prepping there are certain items that never cross your mind to pack in your bug out bag or your preps. One of those items is probably condoms. I mean when the SHTF safe sex is probably not at the top of the priority list right?

Something that is important as a prepper is that you can’t just look at items for their intended use, you have to start looking at ways to improvise and use items for other things. When we start thinking about improvising things in our preps, weapons are usually on our mind. What can we use as a weapon if we don’t have one? Improvising weapons is only a small part of prepping.

Let’s talk about improvising using condoms. What survival uses can a condom have?

SensiblePrepper has put together a great video that shows us 20 condom uses in survival.

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Being able to improvise using everyday common items give you a lot of advantages with your Preps.

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1 Comment

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