Congressmen Discuss the Secret Society in the FBI, DOJ

Congressmen Discuss the Secret Society in the FBI, DOJ


Something is rotten in DC-land. Well, that’s always a given. But, now, there is something new. There’s a memo floating around Congress, classified at the moment, which may put (or maybe should put) some bad actors in prison (or maybe the gallows). In addition, yesterday, we heard rumor of a “secret society” within the DOJ and/or the FBI.


This isn’t some abstract conspiracy theory from the tinfoil hat brigade; it’s from texts between two FBI agents at the center of a political investigation.


We know very little at this point. Here, from Fox News, are Reps John Ratcliffe and Trey Gowdy on the matter. Please watch:


Video by Fox News/Maureen Dowling/YouTube.



All of this may be conjecture. Possibly. Or, it could possibly be treason or sedition. Some are calling this the worse blow to our country ever. I think that’s a stretch. But, if some of this garbage turns out to be true, then heads need to roll.


Draining the swamp may end up requiring rope…


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I will probably have more on this on Friday with the news.


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