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Defrost Your Windshield The Quick And Easy Way

Winter is here again. I write this entry on December 21st. The cold is in and the ice is coming. Many of you have already had some.

Coast to coast, outside of Miami, there is a good chance windshields will frost over near you. Running the wipers works, but takes a few minutes and quickly destroys the blades. Scraping is faster but requires one to spend more quality time in the elements. Isn’t there a faster, easier way?

Yes, there is. The great Diehard Survivor site posted a super video article about defrosting your windshield the easy way. Watch and learn.

The Safe And Easy Windshield Defrost

Video by / YouTube.


Winter is here. Icy roads and icy windshields are a given. But they do not have to be a pain.


We’ve all seen this before. (People of Dade County, Florida: this is what frozen water looks like).


The way to do it right is to … run the defroster. It only takes a minute or two to work. Also run some anti-icing cleaner through your wiper/sprayer system. You can mix regular solution with de-icing tablets. This combination works. It saves time and energy. And it treats your car the best.

That’s it!

The only easier solution is to build a new garage. Not that easy, huh?

The next time it’s cold and you’re running a little late, try this great trick. Leave the hot water behind when you plan to get behind the wheel. Leave the scraper in the glovebox.

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