The Difference Between Preppers and Survivalists

The Difference Between Preppers and Survivalists


Do you consider yourself a straight out prepper? Or, could you be a survivalist? Maybe you’re both. There is, technically, a difference. And there is also considerable overlap. One can and should benefit from the other. This is one area of strategic planning that maybe we haven’t thought about. Maybe we should.


Jason from Prepper Bits examined the issue and thought it through. He lists out the differences, the similarities, and the common elements all preppers should keep in mind. Please read his original via that link. Here’s our preview:


Picture by Survivalist Earth.


Get it straight!


“A person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.”


“A person who practices outdoor survival skills as a sport or hobby.


A person who tries to ensure their own survival or that of their social or national group.”


You can tell right away that what most “preppers” do is a little of both.


Both types put considerable effort into preparing to survive some sort of disaster. That’s good.


Both will do almost anything they think will help them survive the disaster.


Legacy Food Storage

Both are concerned with what happens after the immediate danger passes.


The perceived difference is how the two groups go about their objectives. It’s almost like preppers are “bug in” while survivalists prepare to bug out. The popular conception has survivalists as woodsy people who will “live off the land.” Preppers are seen as hoarders bent on surviving where they are with their lifestyle intact. Much of this is correct. But there is considerable crossover.


Read the differences and similarities Jason points out. Very importantly he explains that, whatever you’re doing, don’t be concerned with what others think or how they label you. The labels don’t matter. Being ready and surviving does.


Where do you think you fall in this matix? And is that really so important? It could be only if there’s something to learn for your benefit.


My personal take is that one can be both, happily at the same time. Again, whatever you’re doing, just keep that up. There are no “right” answers here. Just survival. Maybe prospering.


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