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When did you first get access to the internet? I think it was 1995 for me. Do you remember life without it? Yet, life there was. If the grid goes down, the internet will go with it.

James Burnette posted an article at Survival Punk about How to Survive Without the Internet. This is an excellent reminder that we may not always have that which we take for granted today. And, despite our modern dependence, we can learn to live without the web in we have to.

You’ve Got SHTF!

Burnette notes that should the web go down, it probably won’t be for long. We have all become to connected to let that become permanent again. However, any number of local or national disasters could temporarily block access to the internet. How would we get by in the duration? He offers common sense advice.

Photo by PC World.

Four Tips For Living Without The Internet

One. Real Life Conversations.

Remember talking to real people in person? For 10,000 years before the internet, that is what we all did. It’s not been so long that we’ve lost the ability.

Reconnect with people in your life offline. That way, when disaster strikes, you won’t be completely confounded and out of the loop. “Work on balance,” says Burnette.

Two. Cash.

No internet means no internet shopping. And it means no automatic bill payments or other modern conveniences. There will be no way to use credit and debit cards, nor PayPal, nor drafts.

Keep cash on hand so you can actually venture out and pay for things the old fashion way.

Three. Take a Break.

One way to wean oneself off of internet dependence is to take periodic breaks from the service. Go outside. Read a book. Talk to real people. Enjoy nature. We do not have to be plugged in all the time.

Four. Books and Paper.

Before the age of instant Googling, people used books for information. Imagine what would happen if there suddenly was no Wikipedia … or Freedom Prepper (hard, I know). Still this was our world just a generation ago. Younger folks be mindful: things were pretty good back then.
Keep some written information available just in case – maps, a dictionary, etc. You’ll be glad you did.

Urval av de böcker som har vunnit Nordiska rådets litteraturpris under de 50 år som priset funnits

Photo by Wikipedia (ironic, huh?).

In conclusion, we can make it without them inter-webs. At least for a while. Life will go on much as it did for all of human history.

Follow these four simple tips and you can prepare for a break from the digital world. It’s a good idea to follow number three on a regular basis anyway. Taking a break will help you preserve your sanity and focus on what really matters.

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