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If one watches the news to any degree these days, one might get the idea that America is a seething cauldron of tension. And at any given time the country is just waiting for a little push to boil over. So far we have been spared a major, nation-wide meltdown. However, civil unrest does strike locally. And it seems to strike more frequently than ever.

These episodes of calamity are caused by: race relations, politics, police involvement, lack of police involvement, terrorism, natural disasters, and even sporting events. Anyone in most places, certainly in most big cities, is at risk for experiencing violent social decay.

Sarah Anne Carter wrote A Mom’s Guide To Preparing For Civil Unrest in response to this growing epidemic. Her original work is found at the Survival Mom site. Please check it out now. I did and let me tell you – this golden information is not just for moms.

In her article Mrs. Carter discusses the growing risk of protests and riots. It is high time to pay attention. Once one is aware of what is happening, one needs a plan of action.

She, with the help of a few friends, developed a guide based on three real-world scenarios. These are instances of potential danger which could affect anybody. Read on.

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Your home is probably the best place to ride out any emergency. After that, some have the option of a dedicated bugout location. But what if you and your family are stranded while travelling across the state? Or across the entire country?

The moms recommend having survival supplies in the car at all times. These are things in addition to a gas can and a spare tire. Collect maps or an atlas to guide you to alternative routes in the event trouble strikes. Have an old fashioned backup. Just because the GPS system is working now doesn’t mean it will always be available.
Carry extra food and water in case you are not able to rely on restaurants. In an emergency your car may become your temporary home. Make sure you have what is necessary to survive for the duration. Also tune into local news as you travel. That way you will be as alert as any local should something unpleasant start. Also, keep the gas tank as full as possible all the time. A little inconvenience for extra refueling will be a blessing if SHTF.

If traversing long distances, consider spending the nights in small towns rather than the cities. I usually go out of my way to avoid the hassle of city life. One rarely hears about riots and the like in Smallville, U.S.A.


This one isn’t just for women. If you find yourself alone at home with small children or dependents, you are responsible for their safety. That is especially true in an emergency.

Again, make sure the gas tank is full in case you must flee. And make sure the daily ordinary chores are caught up. A riot or a wildfire will be taxing enough without worrying if the laundry is done. Make sure you have all the essentials on hand all the time so you’re not caught short when times are bad.

In the event communication is lost, make sure your family has a plan to compensate. Plan so that every member of the family knows what to do to either safely make it home or meet at some predetermined destination.


This could be the opposite of the previous example. What if you are the one away from home when danger strikes?

Listen to and pay attention to news reports before you leave and while you are away. If something bad begins, have a plan to avoid it. Know your alternative routes so you can make it home in one piece.

This, again, means having necessary supplies with you before trouble starts. Try to stay in communication with home base if possible. Have a plan for regrouping if things go from bad to worse. This might entail bringing others – parents, neighbors, or babysitters – into your planning. Do whatever it takes to avoid the threat de jure.

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We want you, dear reader, safe as well as free!

By following Carter’s lead and by making a plan now, you and your family will overcome whatever the crazed world throws at you. The key is being aware and taking action. Don’t wait until the unrest begins.

*Sarah Anne Carter is a writer and reader. She grew up all over the world as a military brat and is now putting down roots with her family in Ohio. Family life keeps her busy, but any spare moment is spent reading, writing or thinking about plots for novels. While she was often prepared for the little things that came up in life, she is learning how to prepare her family for new challenges so they can face an uncertain future with confidence. Visit her at

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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