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The Weather Channel is already devoting nightly coverage to Winter Storms “A”, “B”, “C”, etc. I don’t remember so much attention to every snowflake when I was growing up. But I do recall the snow, the ice, and the cold. And especially recall driving in the winter weather.

Winter is a special time for automotive attention and preparedness, especially if you live in the North. Luckily we have some tips to keep your car running right until spring. But don’t take my word for it (I live in the South). Lissette Nunez of WMDT, ABC (Maryland) spoke with a professional for some good Winter Car Preps.


Photo by YouTube.

Winter Motoring Made Easy

Ms. Nunez spoke with Allen Cress at Delaware Tires. And they provided the following great tips:

Cold kills batteries. Make sure your battery is ready or you may be stalled somewhere. Visit a shop and have it tested. If the battery is old or worn out, replace it.

Check your tire pressure (and condition) and your coolant level. This is good advice any time of year. Make a regular habit of checking a few little things every time you gas up. Tire traction is critical in winter. Coolant is always important. Just because the air is cold doesn’t mean your engine will be. Collant also acts as antifreeze.

If you live where the snow is, odds are the city or state frequently salts the roads. If so, many sure you wash your car in winter. That will prevent corrosion.

And, as always, make sure you have your B.O.B. or emergency kit in the car at all times. And if you have any questions about winter vehicle operations, then consult with a shop expert in your area. If you have driving questions, try Googling your issue(s).


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Winter is here and really just getting cracked up. Don’t let the cold and ice slow you down on the road. Follow these super simple tips and driving will be a breeze.

As with anything else prepping, planning and preparation now will prevent or alleviate problems later. Even on the go, let it snow!

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