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So the other day I posted an easy way to clear snow and ice off your windshield. It’s a simple method that works every time. But, would you believe there is an even easier way to do it? There is. And it works in about 5 seconds.

Ken Weathers (how appropriate) posted a video with the perfect “solution” for windshield winter care. Please watch and learn.

Spray The Ice Away

Video by Ken Weathers / YouTube.


Ice on the windshield is a pain. You just can’t see to drive through it.


Scraping works but it takes a few seconds. Ken’s “magic” solution melts the ice instantly.


And the solution is so simple. It is just water and rubbing alcohol – in a handy spray bottle.

Yes, defrosting works and works very well. But this way is nearly instant. And coupled with your defroster, it will keep the ice off all winter long. Try it tomorrow morning!

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