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Many people think that an EMP attack is somewhat of a fairytale, however the more you read in the news the closer you see foreign countries have the ability to knock our our power grid in one swoop.

There are several survival scenarios that are more likely to happen than an EMP attack, but if you are prepared for an EMP attack then you are prepared for anything.

How to Build Your EMP Survival Car Bag

First things first, you need to think strategically when deciding what bag to use and what to put in it. Be sure to build it for your personal needs. There’s little sense in adding an asthma inhaler if you don’t have asthma. But if you do have, then it would be crazy not to throw one in your bag.

Here’s what you need to do by the numbers.

1. The bag itself should be a backpack. The reason is you may have to leave your vehicle behind and set out on your own and backpacks are simply the easiest and most efficient way to tote your gear.

2. Footwear. This is one people always forget. If you live in a hot state and wear flip flops all the time take a pair of tennis shoes or cross training shoe boots. Hiking cross country with snakes, rocks or cactus will be challenging in flip flops. If you live in a four seasons state take a good pair of boots. If you’re driving in dress shoes or tennis shoes and have to deal with mud or wet, slushy, ice cold snow you’ll be glad you did.

Tip: Tie the footwear to the side of the pack with the laces, a zip tie or use a carabiner to secure them to the side. This way they don’t take up valuable pack space but stay with the pack. If you do leave your car you’ll be putting them on your feet so you won’t be carrying them anyway.

Sub Tip: Be sure your footwear is well broken in. Blisters while survival hiking can be problematic at best. Also, take 2 pair of socks. Keeping your feet fresh and dry is essential to your success.

3. A Mylar Survival Sleeping Bag to act as a survival blanket and as a Faraday Cage. If you’re freezing and going into hypothermia you’re not much good at other survival tasks. If you’re in the desert they will keep the sun off of you. Either way, a Mylar survival blanket is a must have no matter if you are on your own on COLD OR HOT weather.

Tip: Use your Mylar Sleeping bag to act as a Faraday Cage. Simply place all electronics listed bellow in the sleeping bag and sealed it. Then test it and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then put it in thee trunk and test it there. The trunk offers some protection itself.

Don’t know how to test your Faraday Cage? Read this article. (and comments)

4. A small Faraday Cage with electronics to replace the fried ones and to get your car back on the track… or electronics to get in touch with people.

Don’t be so enthusiastic about the fact that you can repair your car. Most streets will be blocked with useless cars… just like huge, long traffic jams. But the parts can be really useful if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

There isn’t a general rule for the parts you need to replace. Every car has its different mechanism. But most cars will need a new PCM (Power Control Module), an Anti-lock braking system, Fuel Electronic Injection and the Electronic Ignition.

Second, you may add a small radio, an old (charged) mobile phone (one you don’t use anymore) and a solar battery charger if you want. The mobile phone won’t help you as much as you think, but the small radio (especially a HAM Radio) will probably be the only communication available after the EMP.

Also add a small hand crank powered flashlight. Don’t rely on battery powered flashlights. They’re heavier and when the batteries die you’re done.

Here are 10 easy to build Faraday Cages of different sizes. See what would fit best in your BOB or in your trunk.

Tip: People with diabetes should also store in their Faraday cage a small glucose tester.

Sub Tip: Instead of a solar battery charger you can take a Hand-Cranked Charger which is cheaper.

5. Water is essential. Keeping a gallon water jug in your car is a great idea for your emergencies plus vehicle overheating issues and more. But what happens when that water runs out? You can go with little or no food, but water is a different story. Keep the tools to make a sunshine still in your pack because even in the desert as long as you have sunshine you’ll have some water. Of course you’ll have to dig a lot deeper.

You may think: if I’m walking how can I use the still? Well if you are in the desert (where you really need water) it is best to walk in the mornings and the evenings. In the afternoons seek for shade and set the still to produce some water for you:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ian

    February 5, 2016 at 6:27 am

    Get some hand cranked head torches as well.

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