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The Amazing $5 DIY Rocket Stove That Works


Preppers always value alternative heating and cooking solutions. Today we look at an amazing little stove that you can easily build for $5 or less.

The Diehard Survivor site presented a great how-to video on building a DIY rocket stove. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it works.

“Canned” Heat

Video by desertsun02 / YouTube.


First, start with two empty soup cans and a paint can. Follow the easy instructions to properly cut these to fit together.


Next, assemble the cans and add a layer of small pebbles.


Add a range cook top and you are ready.


Build a small wood fire in the base can and the “rocket” power does the rest. It directs heat right where it needs to go. Best of all the fuel is everywhere.

This little stove packs a lot of heating power in a small, cheap package. And it actually looks rather professional. Don’t kick yourself for not thinking of it earlier.

Try building one in your spare time – and it won’t take up much of that. Then you can heat and cook, using just a little wood. That means you can take the stove off grid with you without the need for gas fuel cylinders. Amanzing.

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