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Here Is How To Make Your Own Fuel Gel


Winter once again brings cold weather to much of the country. And that has heating on everyone’s mind. It only takes half an inch of ice and the power can go off – “zap”. No power generally means no heat. And that means discomfort. Or alternative heat.

The one does not have to go with the other as there are various ways to stay warm without electricity. Those with fireplaces and stoves are set. The rest need depend on generators, kerosene, and propane. Those are great but there is another option.

The ever-resourceful Diehard Survivor site has a great solution: DIY Fuel Gel. You can make yourself essentially an unlimited supply of the stuff. Here’s how:

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Clean Cheap Gel Heat

This gel is based on isopropyl alcohol. It’s readily available, burns super clean, and is very easy to mix together.

First melt 6 ounces of soy wax. Then add in ½ cup of isopropyl alcohol. Stir them together until fully combined. Next pour the mixture into soup cans (3/4ths full). This should be enough for six cans. Add a wick that goes all the way to the bottom of each can.

Cool the gel overnight and it is ready to burn!

You can also make a larger quantity for a surplus. Just increase the content volume and pour it into gallon jugs.

As a bonus method you can also mix the alcohol with chalk and white vinegar. Check with the Diehard original article for full details.


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This method technically gives you two great ways to make an alternative fuel source. Either way, it’s one smart idea. Both give you a fuel similar to Sterno or other commercial products.

Use the gel to heat a small area. And use it to cook. When the power is off, you need not be uncomfortable. Just use common ingredients for an uncommonly good solution. Winter is swell with the gel!

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