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The DIY Solar Death Ray (VIDEO)

The DIY Solar Death Ray

So yesterday I passed by a dumpster and saw, sitting there, an old big screen TV. The old box style that weighed a ton. That got me thinking about a video I saw a few years ago. It was an idea I tried but never got around to testing

Inside those old TVs is a large plastic screen. The screen is grooved and slightly convex. It can be weaponized with devastating effects.

Watch this and be awed:

Video by Grant Thompson / YouTube.

First, find an old TV like the one I saw. Then break it open. Once the main screen is off, all you do is remove a few screws and the plastic “weapon” screen falls right out.

Next, you mount this screen in a wooden frame or jig. Thompson made one that swivels. This is smart as you can track the position of the sun with it.

Once the full thing is assembled, you just set it outside in the sun and aim it at stuff you want destroyed. The screen acts like a giant magnifying glass. It concentrates sunlight to a fine point and generates temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees. This will melt many metals and burn other substances on contact.

It is truly awesome power.

Think about it any you could come up with various uses for such a “death ray.” The weapons value may be limited by position and circumstance. However, you could use it to: start a fire, incinerate rubbish, or to cook. Use your imagination when you use the sun.

A word of caution: 2000 degrees is very hot. This thing will burn you badly in a second. User beware.

Now, have a little real sci-fi fun!

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