Doctors, Hospitals, and the Flu, Oh My.

Doctors, Hospitals, and the Flu, Oh My.


I’m okay. And I hope you are too. But this really is shaping up to be one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory. People even outside of the “at risk” groups are dying. It’s a dangerous strain, one best avoided.


So, I found two more articles about how you can better take charge of your health. The first is a little counterintuitive and flies against the conventional wisdom. The second is plain easy. There’s evidence that both work.


Here goes:


Avoid the System


The medical system – doctors, flu shots, and hospitals. Yes. Dr. Mercola, in an article for Lew Rockwell’s site, gave some compelling reasons. Read them and watch the video.


Now, this isn’t to say that all modern medicine is bad. There’s a time and place for it. This is more about prevention.


Dr. Mercola points out a growing distrust of the medical profession as a whole, a distrust rather based in fact.

“Trust in the conventional medical paradigm has declined for a good reason. As noted by Khullar, “Waning trust in the health system is partly a result of the sometimes well-founded public perception that its key players pursue profits at the expense of patients.” Indeed, how is anyone expected to trust a system as riddled with corporate profit bias as what we currently have?

Doctors, while well-intentioned, have by and large become untrustworthy for the simple fact that they stopped thinking for themselves and fell into a corporate for-profit scheme that depends on chronic illness. Few are those who buck the system, do their own research rather than getting their information from pharmaceutical reps, and focus on patient education about preventive strategies that don’t involve costly drugs or surgical interventions.

Legacy Food Storage

A healthy whole food diet, exercise, proper breathing and movement, sensible sun exposure and grounding — these are all simple foundational aspects of good health that cost very little or nothing. Yet they’re rarely if ever considered when it comes time to address illness. The article also rightfully notes that transparency is a key feature that inspires trust, and honest transparency has become increasingly difficult to come by.”



Read his Coca-Cola example, one of many abuses in the industry. Read about how hospitals actually promote unhealthiness. Amazing but true.


The solution to all of this, including beating the flu (even before it starts) is to take charge of one’s own health. That may be easier said than done but it’s not that hard either.


Avoid treatments than do more harm than good:


Did you know that doctors in the US kill about 225,000-250,000 patients each year? That’s astounding. Read all the scientific stats. Decide for yourself.


Then, take control. You can’t guarantee perfect health but you can go a long way towards achieving it.


Stay in shape. Maintain a healthy weight. Exercise and eat right. Get enough sleep and do not let stress wear you down. These steps, once started, tend to take care of themselves. They make being healthy easy. That boosts the immune system and helps fight bugs like H3N1.


Speaking of easy:


Take Tea and Wine for the Flu


Sarah J. Young and the Independent, UK, have a short piece about simply drinking the flu away. No, it’s not foolproof and absolute but there is evidence to support it.


“…the best remedy could be hidden in your wine rack, or be as simple as brewing a cup of tea.

The study, conducted by scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine, has found that a compound found in foods such as red wine, black tea and blueberries could help gut bacteria fight infections and prevent severe influenza.”


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It’s all about flavonoids. Learn what those are. And how they help you.


If wine and tea aren’t your cup of … wine or tea, then there’s hope still. There are plenty of other natural remedies to help. You just have to look for them. To start, type “flu” into our FP search bar and see what comes up.


Photo by MPR/CDC.


No one likes the flu. But it seems that many don’t always do all the can to prevent it or fight it off fast. You have a large degree of control over your own health. Exercise it.


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