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Does Your 12 Year Old Know these Survival Skills?

survival skills for children

My daughter turns 12 next year, which got me thinking, how would she handle a crisis situation? How would she react? Would she panic? Does she have the skills and knowledge to take care of herself, and her younger brother?


survival skills for children


SNO Multimedia has a video that shows 5 survival skills every child should know:


That is a great video some good tips for teaching kids survival skills. Here are 12 other skills to teach your children to survive in a crisis situation.

  • How to build a fire without matches


  • Problem Solving


  • How to hunt


  • How to tie basic knots


  • Perseverance


  • How to purify water


  • Gardening


  • How to cook without power and running water


  • Compassion for Others


  • How to make a shelter


  • How to do basic first aid on themselves and others


  • How to defend themselves



Along with the above tips, the folks from Space Coast Preppers have put together a great survival game for kids too:


Rules and Regulations for Parents and Kids


  • Don’t try to cover everything in one day!
  • Teach one skill at a time and have a game to go along with each
  • Make sure that games are age appropriate
  • Make sure games are supervised by an adult


  • Show respect to the environment
  • Be kind to the gear that you use
  • Stay within the playing area 

Let the Games Begin!

Bases (ages 6-12+)

This is like extreme hide and seek that teaches you how to use the environment as a natural hiding place (good for hiding from intruders, hiding for safety outdoors).

Number of People: 6-8 people (the more people, the better!)

How to play: Select one person to be the seeker (this could be the adult supervising). Seeker picks out 6 “bases” that all the hiders must touch/reach during the game within the playing area. The seeker stands at the last base. The goal for the hiders is to get to all the bases without being caught by the seeker.

The seeker will count to a certain number each round, as hiders run to hide behind each base. Every round the number of counts will be different. As the seeker counts they can count very fast or very slow using the “dot system.” For example:

  • The seeker will announce the counts before they begin counting by saying “10 Slow” or “3 fast”
  • If the seeker wants to count slowly they will count saying—“one, dot, two, dot, three, dot”
  • If they want to count fast they will say “one, dot-dot, two, dot-dot, etc.”

If the seeker sees anyone poking out from their hiding place after they are done counting, the seeker will call out their name, signifying that that person is out. The person who gets to the last base first without being seen is the winner.


I know after reading her article I quickly realized that my soon to be 12 year old is far from ready to survive in a night in the outdoors, let alone take care of her brother.


How do you think your kids will do in a survival situation? Would the be able to handle themselves? What about taking care of siblings? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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1 Comment

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