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Don’t Over Look These 5 Items for Winter Survival

winter survival kit

It’s not technically winter yet, but for a lot of us here in the United States we have already had a lot of snow fall, and very low temperatures. We’ve mentioned some great tips for surviving a winter storm and staying warm this season before.


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winter survival kit


Regardless of where you live in this country, you could be facing colder than normal temperatures this year. That’s why it is very important to more prepared for winter this year than the past few years. The last couple of years winter hasn’t been that hard on us. But this year is building up to be one of the worst.


Josh from Prepared for That has listed 5 items that no one should leave out of their winter survival kit:


5. Dry Thermal Underwear!

I have seen people who will pack an entire set of extra clothing, but leave out the bottom layer that is most important. Thermals are great for trapping air and wicking sweat away from your body, preserving body heat. If possible pack two pairs, since generally speaking thermal underwear isn’t all that bulky or heavy.


4. Emergency hand warming packs

Perhaps these seem more like a convenience, and generally they are. However, if your hands should become so cold that you can’t move them properly when you need to, a hot pack or two should help restore their dexterity. Furthermore, they can be used in conjunction with insulated clothing and blankets to add heat and keep you warm for a while longer. I recommend focusing on brands that last longer rather than having greater heat. When you’re freezing, any amount of heat will be useful and you want ones that will last as long as possible!


3. A High-Quality Avalanche Shovel

No, not the little snow shovel for clearing your front steps off. A good avalanche shovel is made to move a lot of snow without snapping or breaking from the strain. It can be used to save people who are buried when building a snow cave, if your vehicle becomes trapped, to construct snow walls to block icy winds, and of course to save people buried by an avalanche. A little more weight in this particular case isn’t a bad thing, so go with a more durable aluminum model over the lighter plastic.


2. Salt and Sugar

Yes, the same stuff you put on your fries or into your cakes. Sugar gives your blood sugar a boost, which can improve vision and keep your energy up. Salt can also be added to food or for an emergency electrolyte solution, but even more importantly it can be added to a small amount of water and used to de-ice in an emergency. Better still, they take up very little room and can even be carried in a coat pocket if you wish.


1. Garbage Bags

Black trash bags are awesome if you end up stranded in a snow cave, your car, or other stationary position for awhile. Simply place one garbage bag over your head, punching a few holes for your arms and head, and then put another bag over your legs without putting holes in it. This effectively acts as another thin but powerful layer that helps to trap body heat. As another plus, it is also waterproof and will help keep you dry if melting snow starts to drip on you.


You can use the C.O.L.D. method for staying warm, and know how to identify and treat hypothermia, but you will also need to have plenty of supplies on hand.


What vital supplies do you think should be in everyone’s winter survival kit? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter.




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