Educated: A Tale of Multiple Prepper Lessons

Educated: A Tale of Multiple Prepper Lessons


Tara Westover was one of seven children in a Mormon Idaho family. She, her siblings, and parents lived a hardcore survivalist, homesteader life. This tale has so many positive and negatives aspects. It’s important to consider them all and learn from them, as Tara did.


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So, there were seven children that didn’t exist, legally, because their parents feared the state. That’s not, by itself, an unreasonable fear. And they taught and demonstrated self-sufficiency to the family. That’s good. It’s the methods and lengths that we can question.


Some liberals (and others) will center on the prepper aspects and say they are wrong – totally. And that’s totally wrong. We can learn the right things from this situation while dismissing the bad ones. That’s what Tara did.


With no formal schooling, and minimal homeschooling, she still autodidactically prevailed. She credits some of that self reliance training. “You can teach yourself anything,” she quotes with respect for her somewhat wayward parents.

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She earned a PhD in history despite of (or because of) all this.


The Book.


Congratulations, young lady. Everyone else, take these lessons to heart. Our children are an important reason to prep. We need to do it right. We owe them that. Let’s get educated.


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