Emergency Survival Coffee with Lilly!

Emergency Survival Coffee with Lilly!


I was thinking hard about a good prepper video. Actually, the thinking was rather slow. I needed coffee. Bad. Then, it hit me! Survival coffee! Poking around YouTube I found the following video in the subject.


And, as luck would have it, it is by the amazing and beautiful Survival Lilly. Please watch as she distills “coffee” from an unusual and nutty source:


Video by Survival Lilly/YouTube.



Out hiking or bugged out and forgot the coffee? No problem. The answer to the empty Cup of Joe is as easy as Acorns. Yes, acorns. Grind or crush them, add water and heat, and you’ve got something to drink with a little kick.


Leave it to Lilly to bring this joy to the woodland cafe. And, in addition to a good drink, acorns pack a punch with nutrients.


If acorns aren’t around, consider other nuts, if available. If not, consider pine needle tea. Really. If nothing is available, then remember the coffee or your imagination.


Legacy Food Storage

Good to the last nut!


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